Drone Camera

Drone Camera 1.2.2

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Released Pro version.
It's still in development, but at least everything this app can do is possible.
Any gamepads, keyboards and mouse can be freely assigned to keys.


It was developed based on the idea of stereo_joycam.
This camera can follow any vehicle.
It incorporates features extended by CSP, such as FOV and DOF operations.

  • This app is for Xinput controller only and cannot be used for keyboard or mouse operation.
    If you are using a wheel controller or joystick to drive your car, add an Xinput controller.
  • If you use it together with other camera operation apps (joycam, boxcam, camtool, etc.), it may cause unexpected operation.
    Please disable it when using this app.

  • Camera operation by Xinput controller (similar to Joycam)
  • Vehicle tracking camera.
  • Can select the heading of the camera when following the vehicle. Movement or yaw.
  • Can easily follow nearby vehicles.
  • Stabilization function that suppresses pitch and roll when the camera is rotated in yaw.
  • DOF and FOV adjustment.

  • Custom Shaders Patch.
  • Xinput compatible game controller (recommended Xbox One controller)
  • If you don't have an Xinput controller, you can use x360ce.

For Keyboard:
Please use the Pro version.


Use case:

Latest updates

  1. 1.2.2 - 2022.Jan.08

    Fixed an issue where the camera could not be moved when the "Altitude Lock" feature was enabled...
  2. Update for Keyboard users

    I have no plans to support keyboards at this time, but volunteers are developing compatible...
  3. 1.2.0 - 2020.Oct.19

    Added reverb when switching follow mode Added gain options for each control axis Fixed an issue...

Latest reviews

cant get my drone camera to work at all. someone please help me
I finally found you again... my game felt empty without you. I love this mod.
I can' t believe I still haven't left a review on my favourite app!
I've been using it for almost three years and I owe a lot of what my YT channel is now to this very app!

Thank you Tsuka1427!
Perfect app. Love it!
Only thing missing is custom bindings. Like that of joycam.
The other issue is the stuttering of cars when using a particular tracking mode. Happens to be the best tracking mode.
Cant use a ps4 controller with it is there any fix?
seguro que es una muy buena app pero no me sale de ninguna
manera y e visto muchas manera de ponerla pero no me sale en la barra de app
I absolutely love this app but for some reason I cannot get any sort of zoom out of it. I assume the zoom I'm seeing others get is the FOV adjustment but for some reason mine will not work. I have tried a new controller and reconfigured my controller on x360ce but it still doesn't work. Other than that one issue I love everything about it
The only tool I use for all of my Assetto Corsa videos. It's very intuitive to use and adds joy to Assetto Corsa video creation. I really wish it had an aperture control feature though.
this is really cool
I would have given it 5 stars if it was possible to record the movement and play it back. Kinda like camtool.
(Reason I don't use camtool is because it's unnecessarily advanced)
Its an amazing app that is allowing me to bring my ideas to life. My only gripe is not being able to customise the controls

App very usefull and incredible, the top for record my video, Thank You
Auto focus not work !
only ctrl + left cam work dof
one of the best AC apps for videos would be 5 stars if we could configure controls for proper drone flying or if there were separate presets for it
Use it for most of my videos thanks for the update!
oof need this for video edits haha hopefully works with 360 controller as i sold my xbox one haha
If I could "fly" this with the same controls I use in DRL I'd give it 5 starts. This is amazing but I'd like roll and up/down on the same sticks like drone sims.

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