F1 1994 MOD part-1

F1 1994 MOD part-1 2.1

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IMPORTANT: For any open wheel mod GTR2 PLR needs a tweak to show f1 wheels at line 280 :
wheels visible in cockpit="1"

GTR2 Formula One 1994 Mod v2.1 : updateII by GTR233

IMPORTANT: F1 1994 Tracks Pack IS REQUIRED! If you don't download it then championship will call tracks you don't have and GTR2 will Crash-To-Desktop!

This archive was compressed with 7-zip archiver v19.00 so you need at least v19.00 to extract archive without errors (update your archiver if it tells you that the archive is corrupted) : https://www.7-zip.org (I recommend to NOT download ALPHA versions, leave them to devs)

Archive size = 246 Mo
Archive MD5 = ac638bc62d75161e691dfc42be48f4e1
Disk space requirement : 380 Mo
No online mismatch

Description :
F1 1994 championship with 14 teams, 28 cars and track specific liveries (you MUST download F1 1994 Tracks Pack to see all liveries).
NB: this is a heavy mod so you MUST have the 4Gb patch + Windows64bits (if you have installed GTR2 HQ Anniversary Patch then you have the 4Gb Patch and you are good to run this mod in best conditions) to run full 26 cars grid per round. If you have only 2Gb RAM or Windows32bits then you will have to reduce AI opponents to 20 cars.

Installation :
1) New clean GTR2 INSTALL highly recommended
(If you have already installed previous version of this mod then DELETE GameData\Teams\F1SR94 folder)

2) Download F1_1994_Mod_v2.1.7z from RaceDepartment.com, extract archive with 7zip and overwrite GameData folder

3) Download F1_1994_Tracks_Pack_v2.2.7z from RaceDepartment.com, extract archive with 7zip and overwrite GameData folder

Known bug:
GTR2 car change doesn't work well with this mod because of many reasons :
- there are too many car swaps (38 exactly) during championship (there are only 2 car swaps in original GTR2)
- up to 5 different drivers can drive the same car
- some drivers run for different teams (JJ Lehto and DeCesaris for example)
- some cars/drivers skip some races because of injure/death/ban/DNS
In the end GTR2 engine is totally lost and doesn't make the cars changes as it is set so I disabled car change for championship mode to avoid to see twice the same car or driver on track at the same round.
WORKAROUND: I have set car grid selection per track in single race week-end menu, so if you want the real drivers per track then play this mod in single race week-end round after round instead of champhionship mode.

Extra liveries :
Sometimes a car has got a specific livery for a specific location (94Imola, 94Monaco, etc...), these extra skins are available into \GameData\Locations\94TRACKNAME\F1SR94TRACKNAME.GTR and they are loaded automatically when you select these tracks from menu.
- first select Monaco round in car menu, then Damon Hill Williams 0 car and 94Monaco track then go to showroom expo : you can see the Monaco livery
- now select Imola round in car menu, and 94Imola track then go to showroom expo again : you can see the specific Imola livery
- and so on...
NB1: after changing track location, you need either to go to showroom expo or to change car spinning model in order to reload skin in memory.
NB2: because I have disabled car swap in championship, extra liveries will not work in championship but only in single Race Week-End. Select 94Monaco in car menu then select 94Monaco in track menu and you will see dedicated Monaco liveries by example.

You can skip practice and warmup sessions BUT NEVER SKIP QUALIFY2 SESSION otherwise starting grid will be randomized!
ALWAYS CLICK ON CLOCK AT UPPER RIGHT CORNER to accelerate time to force AI drivers to make real lap times!

Changelog :
-> Many glitches were due to material conflicts so I have renamed each car material for each car model (long work with 3DsimEd)
-> reworked all motecs, fixed RPM Leds off random bug, and added blue PIT leds (huge work with 3DsimEd/Gimp/Notepad)
-> added rain tyres (long work with 3DsimEd/Gimp)
-> fixed tyres collision when 2 cars are side by side (long work with 3DsimEd)
-> fixed mirrors : fixed white mirrors random bug & fixed strectched view (long work with 3DsimEd)
-> sorted all skins and fixed mistakes in car change during season thanks to F1wiki (lot of work because lots of skins in this mod)
-> renamed car description with team name (only few people know that a 412T1 is a Ferrari by example)
-> updated AI : reduced aggressivity, and updated talents skills to match F1 94 standings, added 94 tag to driver names to avoid conflicts with other seasons
-> updated physics
-> updated sounds : removed unused wav files and fixed wrong folder names in all aud files
-> increased seat range values (use LEFT or RIGHT Mouse Button then drag mouse to adjust seat position)
-> fixed championship file to avoid car duplicates, and to allow strength slider to be set between 80-120% (depends on profile difficulty)
-> added car selection per track and new logo in single Race Week-End menu
-> updated showroom floor with real f1 94 shadow instead of generic box
-> added F1SR pdf guide (thanks to Bjarne)
-> added CrewChief motec extra lines (thanks to The Iron Wolf)
-> added specific physics for each car brand (Ferrari are faster than Lotus by example) instead of unique physics (F1SR94.hdc is still available for leagues, just update all CAR files with same HDVehicle=F1SR94.hdc line)
-> reduced AI speed because they had aliens times at 100% and above

Usage Disclaimer :
This mod is PRIVATE (need free registration to RACEDEPARTMENT.COM to download it), this is a non-profit work made by passion for old gem GTR2 and provided as is, without warranty of any kind, use it at your own risk.
You are permitted to install and play this mod for private home use only, any commercial or public uses are forbidden.
It is forbidden to convert/modify any materials, or use it as part of another mod without written permission.
The original source is only available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM
Archive was tested with Kaspersky AV and to be sure that the archive you have downloaded was not modified then compare MD5 checksum with the one available at RACEDEPARTMENT.COM
It is not in any manner sponsored or endorsed by FIA or any of the teams that took part in the FIA championship.

Credits :
Astreon for his nice fonts from MFD tweaks (2009)
F1-S-R rF team (see ReadMe F1 1994 Credits.txt)
F1wiki for useful infos about 94 season
Marko Hartikainen for 2010 SimBin tyres
MasterBlaster Modding (Merlin & Vita4One aka. germanstig) for GTR2 conversion (see ReadMe F1 1994 GTR2.txt)
SiGi for update I (see ReadMe F1 1994 update by SiGi.txt)
GTR233 for update II

beta testers/advices : Bjarne Hansen, DurgeDriven, Gwaldock, Jempy, Kenny Paton, Shovas, The Iron Wolf, Wes Brook

- 3DSimED by Dave Noonan http://www.sim-garage.co.uk/
- GIMP http://www.gimp.org/
- NOTEPAD++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/

GTR233, 2021.

Latest updates

  1. F1 1994 MOD

    2.1 -> added CrewChief motec extra lines (thanks to The Iron Wolf) -> added specific...

Latest reviews

Excellent mod!
Thanks for all you have done for GTR2!
Many Thanks for this great Mod!
Teriffic mod and lots of fun to drive. One question... is it possible to disable the antenna? It's a prominent object in the cockpit view that RL paralax view would make disapear, but that on screen in unavoidable. I'm able to notepad edit files if there's something like an "instance" that needs to be removed. Thanks - great mod!
You cannot remove antenna with notepad, it is made into gmt cockpit so the only way is to edit cockpit with 3dSimEd.
If you have HQ Anniversary Patch with one of HQ FOV defviews.cam then you can access to f1 view like most F1 games : type home key (arrow pointing to upper left corner) several times till you access this view.
It works perfect but my car has no tires on it, the AI have tires.
I tried with different graphic options but it didnt change
If you use my PLAYER PLR from HQ Anniversary PATCH then you will see the wheels (and you will get a better ffb too along with many other tweaks) because PLR need a tweak to show f1 wheels line 280 :
wheels visible in cockpit="1"

Indeed, by default GTR2 PLR set it to "0" so you cannot see wheels on any f1 mod and not only this one.
Thank you.
Thank you for this great mod.
Polished, historically accurate, complete experience with matched trackpack and Championship.

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