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F1 2014 Super Ferrari Mod v1.0

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F1 2014 Super Ferrari Mod - Was made specifically for Ferrari fans.

1 - All tracks were done 60 laps
2 - All vehicles increased fuel tank capacity.
3 - Ferrari engine power was increased to 900 hp from 800 hp
4 - Ferrari team no wear of the tire.

Note: The use of different dough mandatory rules were not changed. Must make at least one pit stop before entering the final round are available.

Note2: Start a new career to be valid in his career.

Setup:../F1 2014/database take into database.bin files

Sorry, I use google translation.

mod edit - Sorry but only English allowed here, thread edited

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Me gustó mucho, pero te recomiendo que sería mejor si modificarlas los archivos ctf
ferrari fanboy
Please tell me what mod did you use for that interface, i mean the style the positions and your best lap is shown is different and i've been looking for a mod like this for soooo long
That's too poor.
very bad driver and a very bad mod. nobody needs that
Worst driver i have ever seen!
Why post **** like that here ? Keep it for yourself
sorry but ****
i'm sorry to say that, but this mod is complete ****. Is it really interesting to lead by 2-3 laps before AI cars?

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