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F1 Legends Racing mod for Race 07 / Race Injection 1.0

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Version: 1.0
Date: 31. may 2013
3D mesh: BorekS (
2D gfx and textures: BorekS / diver helmets by Looseether
Car physics: WhipCracker (WildBill), deep-strike
Sounds: SimBin, internet sources, BorekS, Looseether
Project team coordinator: Looseether
Special thanks to: GeeDee and Greybrad for bugfix support
F1LR homepage:

A free downloadable add-on car pack, based on old Formula One era cars.
F1 Legends Racing (shortly F1LR) is a scratch build mod for SimBin games GT Legends, GTR2 and Race 07 / Race Injection.

There is one base mesh (car body tubus and engine) with genstring changable details (wheels, mirrors, windshields etc.)
List of style groups:
group 1: car body (7 styles)
group 2: windshield (3 styles)
group 3: mirror (4 styles)
group 4: wheel tire and rim (9 styles)

To get more fun into the F1LR game play, there is seven different main car slots (car manufacturers) created, related to the 1967 F1 real racing cars, with physics, based on this cars.

Every F1LR car manufacturer is easy to disclosure, what for car sim physics will be used, I guess... just:

Beagle Racing Team= 1967 Eagle
Britus Racing Team = 1967 Lotus
GBR Racing Team = 1967 BRM
Grabham Racing Team = 1967 Brabham
Hooper Racing Team = 1967 Cooper
Scarrini Racing Team = 1967 Ferrari
Yonda Racing Team = 1967 Honda

Every F1LR car manufacturer slot is trying to keep the ground of real 1967 F1 car skins - race team colors at least.

The reason, why the F1LR cars are imaginary car manufacturers and driver names, is the main car body 3d model wasnt created accurate according any real historic cars. It is just a bit improved lowpolygonal model from my own made arcade game attempt (2012), made with 3DRad game editor.

There is also a F1LR mod support including texture templates to create new car user skins and another tools they help fans to create own car slots. For more check the F1LR homepage.

Unzip and drop the GameData and UIData file into your Race 07 / Race Injection game installation.
A new class "F1 LEGENDS RACING" should appear at class menu selection. Select it and say hello to F1LR cars ;-)
Race 07 / Race Injection moder note
ClassID=250, ModelID=241-247

Known F1LR mod issues / bugs
* some mesh / texture transparency issues
* not optimal wheel suspension arms moving
* not optimal animated driver arms and legs at virtual cokpit

Good luck and Enjoy!
F1LR team

Property and restrictions:
The package is property of the creator/development members.
It is protected by the copyright agreements and the laws for protection of intellectual property.
Any offence against these rights can result in civil or criminal charges.
It is not allowed release/distribute this package with any changes without permissions.
It is not allowed rip/convert mesh parts of this package and/or use such mesh parts in other game/3D format without permissions.
It is not allowed to be profited commercially from this stuff.
It is not allowed to create new car manufacturers.
It is allowed to create new skins, distributed separately (as a new F1LR team standalone car slots / skin packs etc.).
It is allowed to create new wheel sets (wheel set styles), distributed separately (as a new F1LR team standalone stuff / skin packs etc.).

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excellent 5 stars,thank you very much.
Wow those cars are awesome, good mod
Sublime. Great looking and great handling.

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