F458 GT2 Chris Shark Racing - double pack

F458 GT2 Chris Shark Racing - double pack 2015-04-05

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The original idea was to try some shark mouth design on this beautiful Italian beast which is rather far from the 'usual' red stuff. On the way I realized that I like solid blue as base color much more than the gradients from dark grey to white I started with. Next I 'created' a fictional Chris-Shark-Racing team matching the design. After I had finished the blue one I quickly tried an inverted version with red base color - what can I say... looks like Ferrari and Red is an unresistable natural combination... So here's another double pack. By the way, I'm really happy with how the car's face is looking on track. As always I hope you enjoy it, too! :rolleyes:


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Great design
Great skin
top skins !
Great one. But I would like to see grey to white version too.. Why won't you update this with 3rd car in those colors..
One of the best fantasy skins for this car ever, amazing work with creative thinking. Sometimes it just has to work out and you stumble upon something great. The key is to bring it home and make it count and that's what you have done. Congratulations, post it at AC livery contest.
Looks great thanks for sharing !
Extremely good fantasy work here, with some work Kessel Racing could easily adapt these liveries to their GT3 lineup with their sponsor list and appointments. Nice to see such good work on this car which has kind of been forgotten. Now I need to make some skins for it too!
Love it, now that has got bite

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