Ferrari 2024 Concept Livery

Ferrari 2024 Concept Livery 1.0

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Eighth livery of my series of concept liveries for 2024 and this time it's Ferrari!

Celebrating the 20 years of the F2004 combined with some yellow details from Ferrari's WEC livery, here's what I've made for the Prancing Horse!




Mod Features:
  • Custom Livery
  • All Custom Numbers
  • Custom Wheel Covers

Known Issues: Some parts of the car are invisible, however I couldn't fix that! If meanwhile, I find out how to do it, I'll update the mod!

If you want to use my mod on a YouTube video, please leave the link for the mod in the description.

Special thanks to @CLE R08 Racing for the amazing in-game pics!



Latest reviews

its not working on my career mode
JPereira Design
JPereira Design
Check if you have any other mods that could cause a conflict
Meh looks bad, but u other creations convince me to support even this <3
JPereira Design
JPereira Design
Hahahaha thanks!!
I've been waiting for this one! She looks so badass! Your Ferrari and Red Bull concepts really do be going back in time! It's way too perfect for the 2026 season with new engine regulations, etc. Thank you so much for this livery! <3

As for the missing parts, it seems to be the numbers mostly, maybe you can reverse those to the original until you find a solution, or does it not work that way? Sorry, I am inexperienced in modding F1 so all I can do is suggest things! :(
JPereira Design
JPereira Design
Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, even that wouldn't fix it because the original numbers would look strange too due to them being made with the Ferrari chassis in mind :/
Finally! looks amazing, can't wait for mercedes!
JPereira Design
JPereira Design
Thanks! Mercedes will be the next one

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