Ferrari F2002

Ferrari F2002 1.4

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  • Mod now uses Kunos supplied driver_no_HANS
  • Updated driver animations to reflect above
  • Updated driver suits to reflect above
  • Updated driver gloves to reflect above
  • New variables added to tyres
  • Updated suspension stiffness
  • Updated damper settings to reflect above
  • New Sound created to be compatible with AC 1.9
  • Numerous additions and tweaks beyond the compatibilty update to improve exterior and interior sounds
  • Reworked suspension (softer ARBs and spring rates)
  • Slight changes to the aeromap/ further decrease in downforce on on low wings setups.
  • Minor tweaks to the drivetrain
  • More accurate Collider placement
  • Added Pit Light
  • Fixed Driver Head Clipping
  • TMV10 (New FFB, Tyre Radius Growth)
  • Added Brake Temperatures
  • Adjusted TC Levels (More aggressive, 1 is still lowest and 6 is now highest)
  • Fixed Validation of Setup Bug
  • Updated Flames
  • Updated Driver Model Position
  • Updated Driver Helmet Visors
  • Added driver_f2002.kn5 to provide Backward Compatibilty with Skins

  • Updated Aero Map
  • Added New Tyre Heating Characteristics
  • Updated Optimum Tyre Temperatures
  • Updated Engine Curve
  • Re-intrdouced Camber Grip Gain
  • Adjusted Tyre Grip (based on above)
  • Tyre Pressures now more closely aligned with 2002 Bridgestones allowing for AC's handling of pressure gain with tyre temperature)
  • Added Brake Pressure to Setup
  • Adjusted TC Levels (Reversed; 1 is lowest setting, 5 is highest) and Rate
  • UI Tweaks

  • Reworked Pitch
  • Reworked Tyre Skid Sounds
  • Fixed Sound issue where car was using different Sound mods
  • 8K skins are now available to download (Separately);
  • The nose of the car was changed to better represent the real version (modders, you will need to fix your skins);
  • Updated Shaders, AO and Specular Map, better reflections;
  • Small change to the steering wheel (Thanks ADStudios Gaming);
  • Added custom lollipops;
  • Changed the LCD display material, should look more natural;
  • Reduced kn5 size by changing how suspension textures works;
  • 3D Collider Slightly Raised.

  • Updated Aerodynamics (Less CL and more CD at low downforce configurations);
  • Updated Tyre Flex;
  • Added Ability to Flat-spot Tyres;
  • Suspension Tweaks (Minor changes to default setup).

  • Fixed Clicking Sound at high speed;
  • Slightly Improved Downshift Sounds.

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