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Ferrari FXX-K 1.1.6b

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Bellissimo tested it and love it.
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
thanks man!
Beautiful sound, thank you!
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
Thank you sir!
The sound is very very good, but I've to give you two hints: the sound is a bit strange when the car comes to the camera, you should decrease the doppler multiplier, in my opinion. Plus you should increase the difference of sound pressure between the sound when accelerating and when decelerating. Please read this, I think this two hints can make this perfect. You can also contact me on facebook, to contact faster about this :)
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
First thing, have you tried it in person?
the doppler is 100% correct, standard value of fmod, and the accelleration/deacceleration I will look into, at what angle do you mean, from the fron or the back of the car?
this is not the Ferrari FXXK just the normal la Ferrari so the sound is good but the wrong car if I update the sound and someone will mod the fxxk they will sound the same I don't like that
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
Well what other option do you have at the moment?
I' ve tested this on the stock Laferrari and this is amazing! Now all we need is the modded car :P Dude you're really good at this consider giving a try on the V10 of the LFA. Thanks again!
Juliusz Baczynski
Juliusz Baczynski
We will see if there are good samples out there ;) thanks

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