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[Files] for Mercedes-Benze 190E 2.3-16 Race of Champion 1984 0.1

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These are the files that modifies the Senna Mercedes 190E Race of Champion 1984.

Keep in mind that the 1984 RoC 190E is a race-prepared early production Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16. The modification includes lowered 15 mm, stiffer suspension, a rollcage, racing tires, bigger brakes, and front and mid muffler removed and a final drive ratio that increase the acceleration but lowered the top speed.

While I like squerre’s model, there are room for improvement. Plus there is a question of the origin of some of the data file.

My goal was to create a 190E that is very close to stock form, i.e. not racing stiff nor drift oriented, that is forgiving, mostly understeering but still responsive handling. I feel that I mostly achieved the goal, except the rear is still more active than I thought it should be. Near the limit the car seems to go into a slow spin, instead of snapping out like in the original mod. With the RoC final drive, the 190E felt quick but short legged. With other final drive, US and Europe, the gearing feels too spread out. Perhaps someone who is skilled in engine mod can put in a better torque curve. With the semi-slick, the pace is pretty close to E30 M3 in my hand.

Next, most grip in the rear and I hope someone can make a set of skins to field cars for Lauda, Rosberg, Prost, Watson and other.

The changes include:
  • Authentic Front “Strut” and revised rear “DWB” for multi-link suspension, re-imagined.
  • Steering ratio looked up from published specification
  • Simplified Aero files
  • Added setup options to allow tuning suspension/alignment/damping/final drive
Suggested installation process:
1. Make a copy of original car using AC Car Tuner
2. Copy the included files into the newly created car directory

Love to get feedback from 190E drivers and suggestion on tuning the rear end.
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  1. Version 0.2 for [Files] for Mercedes-Benze 190E 2.3-16 Race of Champion 1984

    0.2 Update Tweaked front and rear suspension geometry. reduced rear wheelrate adjusted damping...

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bit better, but not like the real car. when i change something in the suspension.ini nothing is changing on the car

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