FSO Polonez Atu

FSO Polonez Atu 1.4

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FSO Polonez was a very popular Polish car sold throught the 80's and 90's. With barerly enough power to reach highway speeds and technical solutions straight from the 60's it once was a dream for thousands of Polish families. Famously mocked by Jeremy Clarkson, polonez carried the communist poland into the new millenium.

Now for the first time ever I bring you a pack of 11 cars, made faithfully to their original specs. The mods feature an extensive list of features integrated into the CSP with working RainFX, dashboard lights or radio displays just to name a few

The cars included in this bundle:
FSO Polonez Atu 1.6 GLI
FSO Polonez Atu 1.4 Rover
FSO Polonez Atu Plus 1.6 GSi
FSO Polonez Atu Plus 1.4 Rover
FSO Polonez Atu "Limited" 1.4 Rover

Atu (2).jpg
Atu (1).jpg


Some plans for the future of this mod include making a proper AO map, fully animating the suspension and introducing new variants into the game. It still needs some more work and im really excited for the future of this mod. The mod requires CSP and Japanese Pack DLC!

As is tradition, shoutout to all the people that made it possible. Thank You Mrk_MROW_MRUK for putting together the physics.. It would not be possible without You! Big thanks go out as well as the entire community that helped me during the development, oversaw the details and helped me notice little mistakes. Credit has to be given to Marf_ as well as the mod is based on his fantastic FPS Trapez for BeamNG, be sure to check it out as well :)

For now please enjoy the cars and let me know what do you think. Be sure to also check out other models available in the links below:
FSO Polonez - C and "Borewicz"
FSO Polonez - 88' and 89'
FSO Polonez Caro
FSO Polonez Caro Orciari
FSO Polonez Caro Plus

Latest updates

  1. FSO Polonez Atu 1.4

    Notice: All updates must be reinstalled CLEAN Massive update focusing on a lot of issues with...
  2. FSO Polonez Atu 1.3

    The 1.3 update focuses on the much needed improvements to the rims. Gone are the strange shading...
  3. FSO Polonez Atu & Kombi 1.2.2

    This update focuses on a long overdue maps for the car. The car paint should be properly mapped...

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Super mod, tylko przydałoby się atu orciari i FSO Atu 1.4 "limited"
love it

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