Fuji Speedway Short Course

Fuji Speedway Short Course 2021-10-02

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Looks ok, but is a "choose your own layout" kinda track. As long as you stay on track surface, you can drive any route you wish and it's considered valid.
Still, it's the only version of this track as far as I know, so you won't find a better one.
Thx for updating another japanese location
good work
I love Fuji
I really hope for a Suzuka version with this level of quality. ;)
Great work, thank you
The 2nd and 4, 5 ,6 background is the old banking of the Fisco track no?
Very nice, thank you!
Mate, your tracks are amazing, I mean that quality and generally it's very nice! What would you say, if I asked you create Top Gear Test track? :) It would be great!!!
Gorgeous track, good physical mesh, great fun to drive, you really need this in your track folder, bring on the official AE86!
Thank you. Asphalt looks good, also nice 3D grass. Trees and ground textures looks not so nice. Could need some improvement.
Will you also build the big Fujispeedway? There is only a very bad looking version available at the moment, but it is a cool track. A good conversion would be great.

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