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Gear Force Feedback Vibration 1

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Figured why is there no gear change force feedback, so I changed the values so that there is! Simply copy and paste the extracted file into -Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\F1 2014\forcefeedback
Make a backup just in case you do not like the feedback!
Enjoy :)

Latest reviews

haha this is a MUST HAVE mod
parabéns realmente fantástico a i deia é ser forte msm se não não seria um carro de f1.
super genial very nice !!!
les vibbrations au moment du passage des vitesses vraiment un plus.
3 star for the idea, but this is so much strong that afect the driving. Than I just change the value from 1,5 to 0,3 and now its nice. Thanks. keep sharing your ideas.
Awesome stuff indeed. Definately a MUST HAVE mod! Thanks for caring n sharing....8)
Thank you!
Works nice. Thanks!
This mod is one of those special little mods that come very rarely that make the game amazing
Very nice addition to the game. Well done!
With G27 this works really nicely, thanks for that bit more realism, great mod!
good with wheel too. thanks
AWSOME!!! Thanks for your work it's amazing
Nice touch thanks :)
Cool ;)

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