Grand Prix Evolution for Automobilista

Grand Prix Evolution for Automobilista 2.1

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Please uninstall the old version COMPLETELY before installing the new version.
1. Delete related files in the 'Automobilista\Series' folder.
2. Delete the mod folder in the 'Automobilista\GameData\Vehicles' folder.
You will see four series added to your main menu after installation.
- If you want to race offline, please select the 3 individual series (Grand Prix Evo 1991, 1994, 1998);
- If you want to race online or race all classes of cars together, please select the compilation series (Grand Prix Evolution).


by Whills​

This work is a tribute to sim racing history.

Inspired by Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series released in the 1990s, this addon features the faithfully recreated vehicles from the original series. You will experience the evolution of the Grand Prix racing and its simulation during the golden years.

Original games (Formula One Grand Prix, Grand Prix 2, Grand Prix 3, and Grand Prix 4) were firstly released in 1991, 1996, 2000, and 2002 respectively. Click here to watch the original gameplay.

This addon was firstly released for rFactor, then converted, optimized, and updated for Automobilista.

Try rFactor version:


  • Three vehicle classes: Grand Prix 1991 (based on Formula One Grand Prix), Grand Prix 1994 (based on Grand Prix 2), and Grand Prix 1998 (mostly based on Grand Prix 3, also inspired by Grand Prix 4). Each class has individual graphics, sounds, and physics.
  • Accurate 3D models built from scratch according to the original games.
  • Remastered vehicles’ skins and textures.
  • Remastered high-quality 3D cockpit graphics.
  • Original vehicles’ sound style. Realistic sounds are also provided in upgrade options.
  • Convincing vehicle physics and keyboard-friendly control.
  • Calibrated driver performances.
  • Original vehicles’ onboard cameras.
  • Several upgrade options for players to customize gameplay experiences.
  • Fast vehicle loading speed and high FPS performance.













Extract and move all files from the 'Automobilista' folder into your Automobilista installation folder.

Special Thanks
  • CTDP for creating CTDP AFD 1994, on which the Grand Prix 1994 content is partly based (CTDP members: 3D Artists, Alexander Borro, Ilkka Lahtinen; 2D Artists, Daniel Senff).
  • Geoff Crammond and MicroProse for the original Grand Prix series.
  • Image Space Inc. for rFactor; Reiza Studios for Automobilista.
  • Paul Hoad for his CarEditor; Steven Young for his GP2edit & GP3edit; Fredrik Meyer for his ArgEditor.
  • The sim racing community in and all the supporters helped to make this addon better.

  • It is recommended to adjust the seat position to (0,0), set the FOV to ‘default’, and reduce the head movement to achieve the best driving view.
  • It is recommended to turn down the 'AI Aggression' when racing on the street circuits.
  • Suggested number of opponents: 25 for Grand Prix 1991 & Grand Prix 1994, 21 for Grand Prix 1998.
  • Try different upgrade options for a better gameplay experience.
  • Please set the ‘Player Detail’ and ‘Opponent detail’ to ‘Full’ to avoid the blurry texture.


It is NOT allowed to convert any content of this addon to any other games or for any other use without explicit permission.

This addon may not be distributed for any commercial purposes.

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Latest updates

  1. v2.1 Essential update: HD skins, GP4 style cockpit, improvements, fixes & more

    You MUST delete the old version completely before installing the new version! 1. Delete all...
  2. v2.0 Fundamental Update

  3. v1.1 Essential update: Full 3D cockpits, graphical improvements & more!

    This update brings full 3D cockpits for GP94 and GP91 cars, it is now possible to race these...

Latest reviews

A little dream for old nostalgic people like me comes true...thak you guys. Amazing idea!
Amazing mod an absolute must have. It would be amazing if some tracks could be made to match the cars
buonasea a tutti,domanda:e' possibile creare un campionato con questa eccezionale mod??ad esempio il campionato 1994,grazie.
la serie grand prix e' il mito
Just brilliant
Very good, thank you!
A great mod just became even better. Nice touches and still great arcadish-simulation FFB+physics couple which makes for a great single and multiplayer base.
The sound and cockpit updates sound are really nice additions. Thx for your work again.
You are welcome! So glad you like it!
Amazing work!!!
Can someone please put the '91 cars in Assetto Corsa?? I've tried to do it myself but I keep getting all kinds of funky errors with the dashboard, I'm just not good enough at this stuff
this is an amazing mod, tons of Nostalgia. I bought all of the Geoff Crammond GP games in '92 and '96 and 2000. Fantastic stuff. thank you !
Great mod! Great quality. You nailed it with the physics and the FFB. I think it is right in the sweet spot. Not hardcore but not arcade either. Thanks for your work.
Beautifully done. The 3D cockpits just complete it.
Awesome work... but I think there's an issue with the 1994 season. Left rear suspension is hitting bottom with the same ride height as right rear. Can you check it please?
Thanks for your review! I haved updated the source to fix this.
What a mod!
This is wonderful!

However I wich it would have more rounded tires and cockpits. Also AI shouldn't drive trough players wheels. ;-)
I tired to improve & fix this with the latest update, hope you like it :)
Amazing mod!!! Now we just need some retro looking track pack to go with it.
This is absolutely amazing. I initially dismissed this as a gimmick or novelty but after watching the GPLaps video I had to download it. Blown away by the quality. Is there any chance we could have a real names option for the GP1 cars please? That's what I had on the Amiga.
Thanks for your review! I am currently very busy, I will include this feature in the future update.
Absolutely brilliant mate . Thank you so much for a great mod
I was so looking forward to seeing Grand Prix in VR ( but only the GP3 version has the full cockpit modelled, in VR it is extremely disconcerting to drive an F1 car with no seat and no bodywork!
Job done! The lastest update features full 3D cockpits for all cars!
Love these nostalgic low-poly style cars.
What a great trip down the memory lane =) Excellent, thank you!

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