Interlagos 2016

Interlagos 2016 1.0

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Best Track in history of F1
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Is it this Formula 1 circuit.......'PINOCCHIO' overrated.......or underrated?
A lot of Formula 1 drivers and PC game "simmers" opine that this is one of the best Formula 1 tracks.

The last time that I owned and drove this track was when I had the stellar PC sim racing game -"F1 Challenge: '99-'02" developed by the same company (Image Space, Inc.) which developed rfactor. It's been years since I drove on Interlagos until just now.

Unfortunately, this version of Interlagos just doesn't capture the realism, grittiness, sensation of speed, and fun factor of the F1 Challenge Interlagos track that I raced so many times years ago.
This layout seems the same if not identical to the F1 Challenge version of Interlagos: Nearly identical track widths, corners, etc. etc.

This track seems too black and lacks grittiness, bumps, etc. The texture quality is decent but could also be better. The vista of Sao Paolo skyscrapers in the background is a nice touch...

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