kudos_kudos' OnBoard ReShade Pack for Assetto Corsa

kudos_kudos' OnBoard ReShade Pack for Assetto Corsa V88

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=) Nice
Wonderful job mate
It is a great variety of effects for such different conditions! Looks great!

I have two questions regarding this:

I am using reshade 5.9.1, and for some reason, some effects appear that they could not compile properly according to the reshade menu. I can still use the effects and look great, though I don't know if they're lacking anything because of the not compiled files.

The second question is, how did you manage to put HUD elements like gauges above the reshade effects? Are they running from AC or are they running in simhub or other program? Because I only know to use the AC apps but they get distorted while using the reshade effects.

Anyways, really nice job!
how do i get this to work in game
Hi ReKy!
To install this pack of reshade presets you will need to:
Install reshade (at least version 5.8.0);
In the installer it asks you which game it wants to install and you have to select acs.exe;
Then you will have to select the effect packs, I suggest you to select all (or at least Sweet Effects, qUINT and Color Effects);
In the next step it asks you which effects it wants to install per package (Select "XXX" files to install:). Select all and press "Next" every time it asks you. Finally it says it finished installing reshade.
Start the game (race session or a replay, etc.) and at the loading screen a HUD should come out at the top of the screen. press the Home key (the up arrow next to the Scroll Lock)
I recommend you to follow this tutorial if in case all o' this is not clear :)
how do you imstall this???
Drag & drop all the files into the assettocorsa directory

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