1. groundbeef2.0

    GB Post-Process LCS (For SOL) 1.0

    IMPORTANT: Don't install with Content Manager. Install manually into ppfilters folder. GB Post-Process LCS is a Linear Color Space ppfilter for SOL aimed at realism. GB Post-Process LCS has 3 variants: GB_LCS: Realism GB_LCS_Soft: Realism with a softer look GB_LCS_Retro: Retro camera...
  2. PUNKCM61

    F1 24 - Complete numbers pack (210 files) 1.2

    Hey guys! Once again this year, I have updated the numbers of every 20 drivers to help you make your game as realistic as possible. Here’s what's included: Mercedes: Number and full name on the back of the steering wheel First name on the headrest Red Bull: Last name and flags on each side...
  3. deeznütsuwu

    400,000 3D Trees Nordschleife V1.2

    The most dense treefx out there! -for the Nordschleife. BIG thank you to @imgame, @MoriSan and @Johannes Steiger for letting me use their Tree models and/or configs. Go check them out! Introduction I got a few hours on Assetto corsa's Nordschleife and loved every single one of it. But -...
  4. Nuzzi

    Yellow Flag App 2.5

    No longer do the AI completely ignore yellow flags! Affects the AI when a yellow flag is present in the following ways: They slow down significantly (Top Speed limit.) They don't overtake each other. They weave to generate heat in their tyres. (After lap one to reduce crashes.) (Temporarily...
  5. IMSA 2024 - Ferrari 296 GTD PRO #62 Onboard - Sebring

    IMSA 2024 - Ferrari 296 GTD PRO #62 Onboard - Sebring

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  6. LegionF3

    ProjectRLTY | NeoLux PPF 0.105

    Please Extract zip file first. Then manually drag and drop each .ini file into CM. IT IS RECOMMENDED TO RESET PURE AFTER INSTALLING AND SWITCHING TO THE FILTER. Also recommended to use the included CSP Settings. However if you get a better experience with another setup feel free. NeoLux is...
  7. D

    Chem Light Mod

    I would love to see Yellow and Green chem lights added to the game. I can imagine these implemented in one of two ways... The first way being that a few of the chem light sticks are just permanent objects that exist in the world, and you can toggle them on and off like the lantern. Simple and...
  8. D

    Coffee Texture

    Is there a mod that changes the texture of the coffee liquid inside of the coffee cup at home to a more realistic texture? The coffee Teimo serves you at the pub is a perfect example of what I would like for home. Its smooth, black and has little bubbles in it. Just beautiful If anyone is...
  9. Niko_1599

    Niko's Realistic 2023 Database 1.1 (After Japanese GP)

    Niko's Realistic 2023 Database 1.1 (After Japanese GP) YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL SKYFALL F1 2023 SEASON MOD BEFORE INSTALLING THIS DATABASE MOD. Hi, RD community! It's been a long time since my last database update. In fact, it's been almost two years. However, I've found the time and will...
  10. DNLYMN-t

    Real PP PURE v1

    The Real PP filter but with pure support. Install the SOL or stock AC base filter on my page.
  11. DNLYMN-t

    F.E.E.L postprocess AC v1

    F.E.E.L-is my newest project. It is a collection of all my filters made before. This filter was made to make you feel the atmosphere of Assetto. Also, this filter will be updating every week. !IMPORTANT! This is compatible with ANY system of CSP, like SOL and PURE. I worked on this really...
  12. Have Sim Racers Forgotten How To Have Fun?

    Have Sim Racers Forgotten How To Have Fun?

    Why are we into sim racing? The reasons tend to differ from person to person, but the core is the same for most: It is fun to us being able to blast around virtual circuits in cars that we likely will never have the chance to go near to in our lives. However, it does seem like sim racers can be...
  13. j_merrin.53

    McLaren British GP Chrome Livery v1

    Chrome McLaren British GP Livery! This mod includes: McLaren's Chrome British GP Livery [McLaren Chassis] How to install mods on F1 23:
  14. DNLYMN-t

    (NEW) ACinematic PP filter v1

    A yet new Post Processing filter for assetto. Tried my best. WARNING! reccomended to use with PURE and SOL. Thanks : ) looks like this
  15. DeividSim02

    realiSM PPfilter for Pure 1.20 (final ver)

    i decided to make this ppfilter for you, it taked too much time to make it, enjoy. (Made it only for Pure) Screenshots: The installation is simple just decompress the rar and drag & drop the assettocorsa folder into your steamapps folder, then in-game bring up pure and import the realiSM.ini...
  16. LentilFilters

    Lentil Trawa PP Filters 2.0

    As I've made the move to Trawa, I realized there are few artists that create PP filters for Trawa and it is a very small fan base. Over the past month, I have decided to create my own pp filter for Trawa and wanted to share it with anyone who pleases to use it! It comes with a normal version for...
  17. Jacob Cappello

    Premier - Realistic PPFilter For Pure! 5.76

    Premier is a post processing filter that aims to get the most realistic look and feel out of Assetto Corsa! Its available for PURE ONLY! As always the filter is a constant WIP so let me know any feedback you have! If you enjoy this Filter and want Early Access to future versions, you can...
  18. VolcanoAC

    Top Japan PPF - Welcome To Realism 1.0

    This PP Filter Look Like A Japanese Theme I Mixed Color Gradings And Caboom This Born I Used NFS 2015 Base İn This PP-Filter
  19. DeividSim02

    MyPPfilter for SOL 1.0

    I aint know if im gonna deploy more ppfilters cause its hard to make one but ill try. Also for the CSP Settings you need to drag & drop the MyPPsettings.ini file into the content manager.
  20. Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #2 Onboard - SEBRING

    Peugeot 908 HDI FAP #2 Onboard - SEBRING

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