Lamborghini Diablo GT1 Stradale

Lamborghini Diablo GT1 Stradale 1.0.3

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Lamborghini Diablo GT1 Stradale
The legendary, most hardcore, one-off Lamborghini Diablo.

Project Manager: Harry @ LMM Design
Original 3D model: LMM Design
3D model improvements: Maarten Huppelschoten (Omaatjehenk)
Textures and importing: Maarten Huppelschoten (Omaatjehenk)
Physics: abbo90
Sound: McLaren F1 GTR (Kunos)

Special thanks to:
Ben O'Bro and AccAkut for helping with driver animations.

This car does not feature LODs yet
CSP is required to fully enjoy the mod


Latest reviews

One of the most wonderfully unique cars ever made now in AC. Now we just need a certain ''JLOC'' version of this car.
thank you.
merci beaucoup
Just perfect, waiting for this machine in Assetto for ages. Thanks for making this beast and looking forward for the jgtc version.
Brilliant car.... Brakes took getting used to... But now love it!!!
Excellent car, thanks for sharing. steering wheel size does seem a bit weird as someone else noted, and driving position + driver eyes camera position also a bit weird (can be fixed by the user with onboard settings app though)
much better version better sounds also ;)
Finally some spare time for testing the beast! It is truly wonderful, very nice to tame. The "tiny driver's problem" it's not a big deal, kinda cute in reality.
Thanks and congratulation for the (re)release!
Thank you :)
Excellent! Please make a racing version
Excellent car, especially when paired with one of the soundbank mods for the Jota. Hope to see a pure-blooded race version in the future!
-If somebody want to check this great car on video before download you can check on my YT channel here :)
Fantastic work from everyone on the team.

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