Legends Cars Mod

Legends Cars Mod 1.0.7.

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MOD IS NOW "VANILLA" ASSETTO CORSA COMPATIBLE, sorry for my previous mistake on this issue.

1.0.7. Change log:

- Reworked the physics a bit after finding few "Kunos only" features that affected the part throttle traction. There was a problem with part throttle spinning the car without any warning.
- Now the car turns fast without extra steering lock but the rear is still very easy to control with throttle.
- Top speed, aero drag and gearing matches the real one quite well after reducing basic tire circumference and adding more circumference due rotation/speed.
- Added over 60 real life skins from the Finnish Legends Trophy -series from years 2014 - 2018 plus few special ones for few older seasons.
- Added positive camber setup to cater our oval driving friends.
- Since Kunos code won't allow us to setup any camber to the rear live axle, we decided to add about -0.5 degrees of camber built in the tire to make it work as a rear camber, so now when the setup screen says your camber value is say -2 in real life it would be -2.5
- Other small changes to the physics here and there.

Added tire blankets (set to 40°C) that we recommend to anyone who hosts a race with these, as Kunos miserably failed to recognise the importance of warmup lap (even a virtual one...)

This will give a bit more realistic temperatures and pressures which adds driving feel and traction and will greatly enhance the racing experience in the tight pack for the first few corners. So this should be considered as the "virtual warm up lap" -feature :) Best traction is achieved after around 2 laps and you can actually feel the rear end grip.

In this version there is slightly longer reverse gear to aid people to get out of the way and back to racing. We did not add the longer 2.50 rear gear as they seem to be not available anymore in real life either. So the maximum speed in longer straights in tow/pushing you might get to 190km/h (the cars are meant for smaller tracks)

This version is now working as it was originally my/our intention. Now that the part throttle problem is fixed you can actually trust the rear of the car.
Since Legends has no differential you will have to let the rear glide with throttle a bit in the corners to make the car turn, so aim your setups so that you can easily keep a slight slide through the whole turn to have a good laptime.

If you race a small track and run the brakes max at the back you'll possibly overheat them as they are drums and will not cool so well.

More info maybe later.
Legends Ford '34 coupe

Changelog for 2nd release:
- adjusted vertex normals all around the car for smoother reflections
- tiny fix on mirrors, removed baked shadow from textures (updated templates)
- changed .psd templates so wireframes are on individual layers
- reorganized templates folder and moved some example skins to there as dds files.
- updated preview images and icons for skins
- some small texture fixes
- added rest of the F6 cameras
- added a gauge
- added very short reverse gear
- fixed reversed torque reaction direction in rear axle
- fixed preview screen car information
- packed data folder to data.acd
- renamed car folder to "legends_ford_34_coupe" to prevent mismatches with previous release

unpack legends_ford_34_coupe.7z
drop legends_ford_34_coupe folder to your ...assetto corsa/content/cars folder

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