Lotus 49: Monomarca USA 1967 skins pack

Lotus 49: Monomarca USA 1967 skins pack 1.2

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Hi all!
I wanna introduce to you a skins pack I worked on!
It's based on 1967 United States Grand Prix cars' liveries to apply over Lotus49 Kunos'model.
I called it: "LOTUS 49: MONOMARCA USA 1697 PACK" (v.1.2) [Update: April 15, 2016]

The main purpose is to have a greater and more detailed skins choice, other than the official Kunos skins (or to replace them, if you wish).

Why 1967 United States Grand Prix?
Because Jim Clark's record lap on Monza was in 1967 and his car was numbered "5" (like in the game's skin) on the next Grand Prix, which is United States Grand Prix!
Anyway, to prevent to include cars with same colours but just different number, I introduced alternative colors!
So some drivers will have unofficial colors of my choice in this skin pack!

This is the list of drivers and their cars from USA 1967 as reference for the pack (inside parenthesis I specify how the pack include them):

01 Jack Brabham - Brabham-Repco BT20 (Green & Gold)
02 Denny Hulme - Brabham-Repco BT20 (Alternative Blue & Gold)
03 John Surtees - Honda RA300 (White & Red)
04 Jochen Rindt - Cooper-Maserati T86 (Green & White)
05 Jim Clark - Lotus-Ford 49 (actually keeps his personal skin in AC)
06 Graham Hill - Lotus-Ford 49 (Alternative Black & Gold, like John Player Special)
07 Jackie Stewart - BRM P115 (Green & Orange)
08 Mike Spence - BRM P115 (Alternative Black & Orange)
09 Chris Amon - Ferrari 312 (Red)
11 Dan Gurney - Eagle-Weslake T1G (Blue & White)
14 Bruce McLaren - McLaren-BRM M5A (Red & Gray)
15 Jo Siffert - Cooper-Maserati T81 (keeps his Lotus n.22 in AC, but with his own helmet, not default Clark's helmet)
16 Joakim Bonnier - Cooper-Maserati T81 (Red & White)
17 Chris Irwin - BRM P83 (Alternative Blue & Orange)
18 Moisés Solana - Lotus-Ford 49 (takes the "default" skin without number plates in AC, simulating n.50)
19 Guy Ligier - Brabham-Repco BT20 (Azure & Gold)
21 Jacky Ickx - Cooper-Maserati T86 (Alternative Black & White)
22 Jean-Pierre Beltoise - Matra-Ford MS7 (Blue & White, n.15: shifts with Jo Siffert)

Compatibilities note with AC default skins. The mod generally doesn't touch default skins, except:
- it changes info into ui_skin.json ONLY for 00_default skin (the green Lotus wihtout race numbers and driver names) to make the driver appear as Moises Solana n.50, so you'll not have Jim Clark n.5 twice.
- it changes Jo Siffert helmet skin with his original historic one, 'cause Kunos recicled Clark's helmet by default.
If you want back Kunos' default Clark's helmet on Jo Siffert, just pick it back from racing_5 (Clark's) skin folder and put it on racing_22 (Jo's) skin folder!
Same for 00_default's json: if you want it back, take it from Clark's racing_5 skin folder.

With new AI on Assetto Corsa patch 0.8, there comes also new Kunos skins.
The idea looks slightly similar to mine, but doesn't look equally successful, by my personal opinion: they just colored the chassis.
My pack instead proposes also skins for logos, rims, tyres, windshield, steering wheel, helmets, suits and gloves.

If, like me, you wanna get free from theirs skins to be able to play using only my pack's, I suggest you to create a new folder "unskins" at the same level of "skins" main folder and move there all skins sub-folders named with year and race number!
(Look the preview video below, too.)

Skins and livery fidelity to real life is average, 'cause the purpose for the pack is first of all to offer variety.
So there are some details which are omitted intentionally:
- Usually no sponsor on liveries and drivers' equipment (few exceptions): 'cause in 1967 there was no sponsors on liveries (on cars), so I prefered to keep skins clean (also on suits).
- No fake vents or "shape-changer" effects: 'cause they look so false and 'cause the base car should still be a Lotus 49. It's intended as monomarca [aka: one brand], so other brands are just intended as teams.
- No fake effects or brand changing on engine: same motivation.
- No driver names on liveries and drivers' equipment: I prefered to give you opportunity to feel the car much more "your" by avoiding real drivers name.
Sometimes it can also happens:
- Lines on liveries or drivers' equipment are not finickingly perfect: it can happen because skins are not applied straight by game engine. So sometimes I just contented myself about proximity.
- Car or driver logos can be different from real USA 1967: this can happens both for skins application by game engine, and also 'cause sometimes it's really hard to get valid informations from such times details!

All suggestions are good! I would be glad of any of them!
But don't expect me to follow them all. :p
So please suggest and report anything you want!
I would be still glad of them, both if I'll follow or not. :)

All mods of my pack are ok, and you all are authorized to mod the skin pack if you wish!
You wanna remove alternative color skins to have only officials? You can!
You wanna make much more accurate suits and helmets? You can! (Good luck! :D )
You wanna apply sponsors or even fake vents to liveries? You can!
But just please follow two rules:
1. Don't ask me to include them in my skins pack directly: only my own work goes there. ;)
2. Publish it yourself BUT include ONLY files you modifies / created! Don't include also all my other files you didn't touch!
If people wanna install your mods, they must first of all download and install my skins pack! Your mods should be installed over it.
I'm sure this is the the fairest way to publish a mod for my skins pack! (Or for anything!)
[Thank you all!]

Unzip the file in "Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\lotus_49\skins" folder, where "Steam" is Steam's installation folder.

It should create the following folders:
> From version 1.0 <
- bruce_mclaren_m67p
- chris_amon_m67p
- chris_irwin_m67p
- dan_gurney_m67p
- denny_hulme_m67p
- graham_hill_m67p
- guy_ligier_m67p
- jackie_stewart_m67p
- jacky_ickx_m67p
- jack_brabham_m67p
- jeanpierre_beltoise_m67p
- joakim_bonnier_m67p
- jochen_rindt_m67p
- john_surtees_m67p
- mike_spence_m67p

If you're installing the skins pack coming from a version before 1.2, I suggest you to delete all old skin folders first (you can recognize them because they end with "_m67p").
Because some drivers "lost" some custom .dds files and adpoted defaults, or some are even no more used by the game (old drivers' suit and gloves).
Anyway if you don't do it you'll just waste much more space. There'll be few or no difference at all in game.

VERSION 1.0 (February 3, 2014)
- includes all drivers, cars' liveries, suits, glove, helments, rims and tyres from USA 1967 race

VERSION 1.1 (January 29, 2015)
- includes new textures for drivers' suit
- new different suits for crew

VERSION 1.2 (April 15, 2016)
- includes new textures for patch 1.5 drivers' suit and gloves
- new reflexes and normal mapping for custom tyres (Goodyear and Dunlop)


(click here to see liveries in huge size!)


(click here to see cockpits in huge size!)

(click here to see screens in huge size!)

Preview video [v.1.0]!

- You all! Obviously!
- Expecially to people which declared to appreciate my work: they push me to keep work on it. :)
- To all people which made costructive observations and I'm gonna forget to list as following! :D
- Alessandro Pez for making me notice the logo on gear shift!
- Finnro for suggesting the idea to customize cockpit parts.
- Bailey whom tolm me it was a good idea to go for customizing Jo Siffert's helmet.
- juluka whom authorized me to use his (great!) Jo Siffert's helmet as guidelines to make my own easier.
- Darren Marsh for his great work on creating, before Kunos, a Monza '66 Lotus 49 AI race event, which fits very well for my skins pack!
- FUORIGIRI for including my skins in his awesome Skins Manager tool!

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Thank you for review, too. :)
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