Mahindra test livery season 10 / Formula Lithium 2023

Mahindra test livery season 10 / Formula Lithium 2023 2023-11-02

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The Mahindra Test Livery Mod for Formula lithium 2023 is a visually striking modification that brings the iconic Mahindra Racing test livery to the world of Formula E. This mod transforms the appearance of Formula E cars, replacing their stock liveries with the eye-catching Mahindra Racing design. Embrace the distinctive colors and branding of Mahindra Racing as you take to the virtual track in Formula E, and let your passion for the team shine through in this exciting racing simulation.Upgrade your gaming experience and showcase your support for Mahindra Racing with this unique and immersive livery mod. Whether you're a fan of Formula E or Mahindra Racing, this mod allows you to combine your love for both in an exciting and realistic way. Download the Mahindra Test Livery Mod for Formula E today and get ready to race in style with a touch of Indian motorsport excellence.

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Discord: najk2828
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