NatuReal - Post-Processing Filter

NatuReal - Post-Processing Filter 2.0

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My fellow tribesmen, for a couple of years I've been trying to showcase you only the best mods for Assetto Corsa. It is finally time for me to come before you with my own best creation. So here it is, the NatuReal post-processing filter for Assetto Corsa.

The version 2.0 now includes versions for Pure and SOL:
NatuReal 2.0 for Assetto Corsa w/ Pure:


NatuReal 2.0 for Assetto Corsa w/ SOL:


Here is the showcase and tutorial for SOL Version:

Here is the showcase and tutorial for Pure Version:

Latest updates

  1. Version 2.0 | Pure version of NatuReal now included!

    Hello and welcome back to the tribe, my fellow tribesmen, I am sorry for keeping you this long...
  2. Version 1.1

    Version 1.1 Changelog: Improved overall surface specular strength. Tunedoverall sun strength...

Latest reviews

Really nice pp filter mod. Insane how good it looks also what's the viper mod shown in the photos?
looks like a good mod but did not work for me and I followed the instructions I just copied and pasted it I think I might be doing something wrong
i had high hopes but after i installed it gives me a grey screen when i try to drive
can you helppp
Unreal how good this actually is
this is crazyy good. i don't think i installed it right but it still looks amazing!!
Simply The best. At least from my experience. Great job. Thank you.
Unreal how good this actually is, I've tried tons of PP filters and this is hands down giving the most "is this real life or game" -effect.
The filter is fantastic for day time!!!
I am using pimax crystal and it looks brilliant.

A few suggestions to work on:
After rain the road is a little too shiny.
At night reflections of trees and rain drops are way too shiny whiteish.
Is there a way to fix this?

Please enable full access for customization in the pure config.
Keep up the good work
Amazing, one of the best. The interior camera is too bright, though. Any suggestions how to fix it?
Excellent, thanks for your time, videos and dedication.
and thank you for your positive review, cheers!
Still the most realistic filter.
Appreciate it! Thank you!
I love this mod, great job.
I have just a little problem, the sun is very very big, like a fireball (well, it's a real one ^^)
how to reduce its size please
Thank you so much. Yep it's a problem, I need to fix it when I have the time, so sorry.
I was searching for good and realistic PP filter for AC and Pimax 8kx. There is a lot of high quality filters, but NatuReal_pure it is the most realistic PP I ever had. During the day the picture is just right, you are looking around and you say to yourself that this looks like real. Night is a bit problematic in VR, but all you have to do is to tune up Lightning FX in CSP. Overall, this is one of the best VR filters for AC, great job.
So glad you are liking it and thanks a ton for your feedback!
Very impressed! I've been trialing a lot of filters lately and the NatuREAL-Pure is not only the best looking (to me) but also the most versatile, suiting a wide array of lighting and weather conditions. A nice and easy 'set and forget' option. Cheers!
So cool to hear it buddy, thank you for taking the time for a review!
it is really beautiful, makes the game looks astonishing. you can get the simtribe csp settings too. but if i use natureal_pure everything becomes overexposed, i'm sure it's me doing something wrong
Thank you very much! You are not doing anything wrong. You need to "uncheck" the setting "Shot cubemap around focused car rather than camera" from Reflections FX menu under CSP settings in Content Manager.
My fav ppfilter for vr (Reverb G2) and SOL.
So happy to hear that!
Amazing pp-filter with the best colors. Thank you Simtribe!! Is there a simple way for me to tweak the settings so that the godrays are not so intense? Daytime is okish but at night the moon godrays are too bright and distracting.
This PP filter is pure sorcery, I even gained a few FPS, banger supreme, I didn't think I would fine smth better than PureCandy.
Great job, looking forward for updates.
I tested it yesterday with Pure latest version and I was shocked how beautiful the game looks with this filter. So far the best filter I've tried. Great job =)

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