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Paul Ricard v0.9.7

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  1. Paul Ricard

    New in v0.9.7: - CPU optimisation: AI reduce of 50% CPU ocupation. - GPU optimisation: reduce of...
  2. Paul Ricard

    New in v0.9.6: -New textures, 4K resolution for Kerbs, track and strip. -36 Pit Box. -New...
  3. Paul Ricard v0.9.5 [w.i.p]

    New in v0.9.5: -New grass detail. -More people. -light of track added. -New Ai fastline. -Some...

Latest reviews

Well done track, looks amazing, also the filter that comes with it is really nice looking.
Great mod!!!
Extremely pleased with this mod. Everything works well for me doing mock races with F1 cars, am particularly pleased with the 4 (count 'em, four!) replay camera options. Visually it all presents very well.
Exceptionally well done.
Great recreation of the lovely Circuit Paul Ricard. However, I noticed that when I copy and rename the fast lane into the data folder of each layout (to fix the AI pitting on lap 1) and set the fuel consumption to 3x with the Formula Hybrid 2022 (This may happen with other cars as well), half of the AI will struggle to leave the pit lane after refueling (mainly toward the back of the pit lane).
great track
Decent mod. The ground is nearly white in the daytime. The penalties are way too harsh for running out wide after making a mistake.
great recreation but looks ugly with csp
Decent track, with some layout problems. In club/practice layout you can drive through the coned-off parts of the straights, and the lap is still valid.
Great track, well made. Zero issues. Thank You from UK
Splendid work, excellent track!
Amazing Job !
But i have some problems with the AI on the WTCC track... The don't turn on the first corner ? Someone knows how to fix it ?
Five stars if the tarmac was more dark
Very good track, probably one of the best mod tracks, my only problem is the pitlane entry if you could do an update on that it would be appreciated, but this is still a very good track, thank you!

A video of mine with your track:
Love it. Thank you.
This is the track I always pick, regardless of the car. I stare at the track selection screen in content manager, deliberating for minutes, and end up selecting this one. WTCC layout for quick precise laps, BP layout for high speed, 24h layout for f1, looks amazing in screenshots. I love it. Thank you.

Does the Practice layout have more grip?
Very good racetrack, a pleasure to drive on !
Thank you!

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