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PIRC full circuit 0.2 alpha

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The team at PIRC provided me with all of the elevation and CAD data for the new expansion, which I combined with USGS topographical data and satellite imagery.

This is the first track I've ever done, so easy on me in the comments, and enjoy!

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I find in AC I need to set my grip level to 85 to match my actual times. Rightly or wrongly I now apply that to every track I drive. This actually causes the tires to slip more than they actually do but I just view that as a way to improve car control.

There is a weird bump coming out of T5 that I've never actually felt on the track. Other than that it is remarkably similar to what I experience driving the track. However, since it was put together from CAD drawings not laser scans there are some minor differences.
I'm not quite sure when it got upgraded, but this is a super improved version from what was out earlier. I've raced IRL many times at Pitt and the track is very accurate, including bumps, humps and other changes of elevation. Not all of decor around the track is there yet, so its still missing some visual cues I use IRL, but its still really good. I've only tested one car so far, and lap times were roughly 5 seconds quicker than I would have expected, but still pretty darn close. Thanks for keeping this alive!
this being updated anymore?
Track is very accurate so far! Hope to see more updates. This has helped me a ton learning the new part of the circuit. Keep on working on it!
It's still WIP but already fun to drive on!

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