Procedurally Generated Rally - Stage Pack #2

Procedurally Generated Rally - Stage Pack #2 0.2

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Procedurally Rally - Finland Stage Pack #2 (v0.2)

Hi! Sorry for the time it has taken me to get a stage pack released! I hope to get continuous releases out here from now on, as my generation process has gotten more streamlined and I'm also a lot happier with the stages in general.

Current plan is to release at least 2 stage packs per month, with 3 or more stages per pack (this one only has 2 due to a mistake on my end). Hopefully I can keep this promise, I'll try my best!

Thanks to x4fab for his work on the custom shaders (more info below), would not be possible without him!

Credit to LeonS for the tree textures used on these stages!

Important Installation Instructions!
These stages use custom shaders built by x4fab and me, and they must be installed to run these stages. The current version of the shaders is included in the stage pack download, see below on installation.
  1. Extract the "content" and "system" folder from the downloaded zip into [Steam]/steamapps/common/assettocorsa/
  2. Make sure you extracted the "system" folder correctly too, otherwise the stages won't work. You can check this by going into assettocorsa/system/shaders/win/ and check for files starting with MX_, if you have them there you should be good to go!
Information on the custom shaders
These custom shaders are used to create more detailed stages by me, unfortunately they're hard to use for normal track creators due to how data needs to be packed in the track's kn5 files.
These shaders do not overwrite or change anything made by Kunos. At the moment, I'm the only person using these shaders, and thus they only affect my content.

Co-Driver App Download
The generator also creates pacenotes for the stages which can be read out by an AC app I've made, which you can find here:

Do note that these pacenotes are experimental and FAR from perfect, but they do help. If you want accurate pacenotes, I recommend the normal codriver app for AC by Patrick Brunner, but it requires manual creation of pacenotes through recce.

At the moment, these pacenotes are only available for the "normal" direction layout of these stages.

Join our league!
We have a league where we compete in a DiRT Rally-league-like format with these stages if you want to join!

If you just want to talk about the stages, get in touch with me, or talk simrally there, you're very welcome!

Generator & Stage Information/Answers
  • When will the program/generator be released?
    I can't release the program at the moment due to a number of reasons (unfinished, no UI, licensing issues, and more). I hope for it to be released one day in the not too far future, but it depends on my other life plans and situation.
  • Will the stages look & feel better in the future?
    Yes. The development I've done so far has been 95% making it work fast, efficiently, be extremely flexible and not-limited in any aspect. I haven't had the time or resources to actually try to recreate real life locations yet - my work has been focusing on making a solid foundation for a program that in theory should be able to decently recreate any real life location given the resources and configuration effort.
  • Why only Assetto Corsa/when do we get released for other games & sims?
    Assetto Corsa has been the main testing platform for me as it's very easy to mod, and I have the game. The program is capable of exporting directly into Assetto's format as well, which is a plus for me during development.

    The program is meant to work for any moddable sim/game however. Everything inside the program is made to work directly with FBX, meaning that essentially any game should be able to run the stages (there are no game-specific features in the core of the program, only in the exporter).
  • How can I contribute or help with the project?
    If you're a track (not specifically rally) creator, 3D artist/modeler, 2D artist/texture creator, photographer, or alike - any resources that you own you can "donate" to the project. Credits will be given of course, and if this project was to go commercial we'd obviously discuss that in private first to create a solution for your contributed assets in the final product.
    Resources such as textures, models and track-making tips is something I lack! I've never actually made a stage or track before, only through this program, and finding good resources is really hard.

    You can also donate to me directly through PayPal if you wish to support my projects, you can find the link on the project's website.
  • Technical information about the software
    The program is written in C++ from the ground up. I've built differenet "components" of the program to essentially work as a general track editing software, except without any user interface. The program uses FastNoiseSIMD for noise generation (used for essentially everything in this program), DearImgui (UI in progress!), TinySpline (C-library used to generated the B-splines that the road is shaped from), GLFW for window & OpenGL context creation for 3D track preview.

    The software is technically cross-platform, but I haven't gotten around to compiling it for Linux or MacOS yet. The generator is also not GPU accelerated, as I'm building it CPU only at first. However, there's a lot of parts of it that could use GPU acceleration, so there's a good chance it comes in the future.
Usage/Sharing Notes
You may not re-host these stages without my explicit written permission (PM me and we can discuss), otherwise you are only allowed to link to this thread, or to my website.
I reserve the right to reject given re-hosting permission at any time if I feel you are not sharing my work fairly (such as charging for it, or using advertisements directly linked to downloads (examples: fake download button ads, AdFly and similar webpages)).

Latest reviews

when i try to launch the map there a lot of missing textures
Very cool and feel great to drive! Only problem is a few textures might now be out of date and not displaying properly? There is an opaque black box around the smaller bushes and hedges which can really obscure the road at times. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!
Very fun! One of the more advanced mods for Assetto Corsa. My only problem with this is that dirt particles are not working...
Hi, I wanted to try this: but it crashes on the loading screen. I have this error in the .log "ERROR: Material::getVar CANT FIND VAR sunSpecularExp for shader mat_RGSRO".
Need help, any idea?
wonderful. alot of fun. wish there more of this
buen trabajo
i loved the firsts tracks! This project is really promising! im joining you, this time! :)
Five stars for the innovative concept! Some spectators and a few barns would really add to the atmosphere.
Amazing work, thank you very much. Stages are very good, fps hungry but i think that feel more natural than the first ones, thanks again and a beer is in you way :)
10/10 would rally again
You guys sure put out some incredible rally stuff. So clean. Nothing could make me happier than to see you do this every week. I do miss the car jumps though. Please keep going.
As for previous version, seems to drive on ice instead of gravel. Trees and some rocks can be crossed by the car without causing damage. Can't hear the rocks noise on the bottom of the car. And for these particular stages, the car don't fly on jumps
Lost a lot of FPS...

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