Radical SR3 XXR

Radical SR3 XXR 1.4

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Launched with more power and precision, the latest edition of the world's most popular race car improves on the legendary Radical SR3 formula to enable drivers to lap faster, harder and for longer.

Built by UnitedRacingDesign using official data supplied by Radical Motorsport Ltd.

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Latest reviews

maximal radical ...thanks a lot for this mod
The best car mod I've used so far doesn't even feel like a mod.

1. Install CSP 0.1.79 from https://acstuff.ru/patch/
2. Install the Ready to Race DLC from Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/619680/Assetto_Corsa__Ready_To_Race_Pack/
3. Not sure if it's necessary, but I also upgraded Content Manager to the Pro version.

After these steps, the Radical loads without issue.
did any one found a solution for the car won't load?
Doesn't run and seemingly no solution
I am pretty drunk right now but I just took a ride in this car on Deep forest raceway (don't do this in real life) and you know what I manage to break the record of ferrari 458 achieved when sober... by .4 seconds! This car is now my own lap record of deep forest amongst around 10+ cars I tested so enough said...
Works well and sounds good
Radical SR3 XXR = perfection is possible !
"Can’t launch the race: model “content/cars/urd_radical_sr3xxr_2023/collider.kn5” requires a missing DLC."

OK great so what DLC does it need? Anyone find a solution?
Excellent car and for free, 5 stars absolutly earned. Please don't rate it with 1 star if can't run it. It's mostly your own fault. Keep your game and your mods uptodate.
Car is present in the game but can't load a drive. Maybe someone can explain me why ? It's a pity.
My favorite car in this game! 5 stars!
The game crashed every time I was trying to use this car, but with the latest update of CSP (version 0.1.79) there are no problems anymore and the car works pretty well
3-27-23 Doesn't work. Update: It was my CSP setting. Works great with 1.79.
AC crashes when I try this mod, whether I use content manager or not. Any reason why?
I don't know if this is a good car or not due to it requiring dlc which isn't said, maybe you could add what dlc you need in the description?
installed manually. the car loads and functions fine, no crashes or any errors whatsoever. can only assume user error or outdated software/mods for those below.....

pretty great model, fun handling characteristics (never driven a radical so i cant comment on the realism), nice sound.

4 stars only for minor issues already brought up in the discussion thread. otherwise this is a great addition, good fun with almost any track style.

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