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Realistic Damage 3.1

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This is a REALISTIC damage mod: now the front wing go away for a little contact and the tyres blow up if you hit the walls.
Not download this if you want to play an arcade game!
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Latest updates

  1. Revised final version V3

    Add 6 damage profile: Very Low Low Medium High (probably the most realistic) Very High Crazy...
  2. Solved problem of AI crashing everywere.

    Before I had set up a system that would do the same damage for the player and for the AI, but...
  3. Corrected online mismatch

    Uploaded 2 files: Better physic and micro damages but no possibility to play online For player...

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Awful. Does not work well with AI in general. A couple of retirements in Q1 would be acceptable, but I'm 10 minutes in the session and I've seen all cars crash out.
very good

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