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Rivali OV1 Info app 4.1

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Hey guys,

I don't know why I didn't post the app here before, but here you go :)

Hope you guys will enjoy it, as much as I do! :)

Description: OV1 Info app is an all-in-one information hub. It has a modern design that hopefully will suit many users and it has the required information, which I think are vital for practice and racing.

Here's a preview of the app at work:




Download the file (link at the bottom of the post). Extract the folders inside the Assetto Corsa root folder:
The folder "OV1Info" should be next to the "gMeter" and "system" folders.


Please make sure you enable the app by going to AC's Settings Panel > General (bottom of the screen).
For those of you who already use this app, when updating, make sure you don't overwrite your "best_lap.ini" file. Cut and paste to another folder, delete your old "ov1info" folder. Extract the new files and replace the new "best_lap.ini" with your old one.

For V4.0 the folder structure has been changed: "best_lap.ini" and "car_info.ini" files can be found inside the "userdata" folder.
Known issues:
  • For those of you who use OV1 F1 2014 HUD as well, please make sure you update it to the latest version (link in my signature). Both apps need to be updated to avoid malfunctions.
  • Waiting for your input on this :)
Change log v4.1 (August 31th, 2014):
  • Panels can now be attached/detached on both sides of the tachometer;
  • Fuel information is now on its own panel, which can be moved anywhere and also on the right side of the tachometer;
  • Changed fuel gauge (now in the top position, with new design);
  • Moved delta meter display at the bottom of the tachometer (had to be done for visual balance reasons);
  • Tachometer can now be hidden individually (close the main app from apps sidebar);
  • Added 8th gear texture and logic for the Formula Corsa F1 2014 cars;
  • Added "invisible" Pin texture (with back-up).
Change log v4.0 (August 30th, 2014):
  • NEW: Added swappable panels to the main app. You can now drag and "snap-into-place" a panel to the tachometer window. Watch latest video to see it in action!
  • Major code structure improvement (files, classes, etc.)
  • Updated "" file to the latest version. App is now compatible with the latest version of Assetto Corsa (0.22.xx)
Change log v3.1 (June 30th, 2014):
  • Updated "" file to the latest version. App is now compatible with the latest version of Assetto Corsa (0.20.xx).
Change log v3.0 (March 30th, 2014):
  • Tachometer range has been widened (up to 18K RPMs):
    • Which means two new extra images for the tach labels -- one for 14K and one for 18K
  • The app is now split into multiple windows
  • You can now independantly move the app panels
  • You can have all the information the app provides visible at the same time:
    • Laps info
    • Tyres info
    • Race info
  • Added a new window for the settings panel:
    • Change layout
    • Toggle Delta Meter
    • Change color scheme
    • Change speed units (MPH, KPH)
    • Change pemperature units (C, F)
    • Change pressure units (PSI, bar, kPa)
    • Change fuel volume units (L, US gal, UK gal)
  • App now remembers when you have turned off the Delta meter panel (saved to config file)
  • New race flag: GREEN (race start)
Change log v2.0 (January 27th, 2014):
  • Added Tyre information panel:
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Wear
    • Slip angle (grip)
    • Tyre dirty level
  • Added Race information panel:
    • Real-time position display
    • Current lap information
    • Last lap display
  • Two racing flags available: white (last lap) and checkered flag
  • Control buttons are now available: change layout, switch between panels, on/off Delta meter, color changer
  • Added units for (changeable from user_config.ini):
    • Temperature: C / F
    • Pressure: PSI / bar / kPa
    • Fuel volume: L / US gal / UK gal
  • More features coming soon (enough)! :cool:
Change log v1.0 (January 6th, 2014):
  • Version change: I declare this a finished product :) of course there are things to add to it, but in this current state it's functional and it has more than everything I thought I could put in it.
Change log v0.7 (January 5th, 2014):
  • New and improved design;
  • Color schemes with predefined colors;
  • Tachometer animation is now much more smoother and looks like an actual tachometer;
  • Tachometer has RPM labels which represent your actual car's RPM value (that was a pain...);
  • Fuel information is now available, working with Liters and Gallons;
  • Graphical fuel gauge has been added;
  • Low fuel working is customizable from the user config file;
  • Delta meter has been added, with custom min. and max. limits;
  • Pit limiter signal light is now working;
  • Race position is now functional (you can test it with the Drag event);
  • Archive now includes sidebar icons;
  • Car's max_rpms value is now accessed from the Shared Memory. "cars_info.ini" now only stores fuel consumption for track and car combination;
  • Info panels can be hidden to save screen space when not needed.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions guys!
Change log v0.4 (December 10th, 2013):
  • Major code improvement. App now more flexible and less demanding on the system (hopefully);
  • Tachometer animation is now available. It's using a temporary method until we get the necessary dev tools for a better solution, but it works just fine! :)
  • Shift-light over-reving fix. You can now rev the snot out of your engine, the app knows when to shift (again, hopefully);
  • Users can change the units from "metric" (Kph) to "imperial" (Mph), editing the "user_config.ini". A better solution for switching between units is in development.
Special Thanks to:
  • Rombik for his awesome-reading-shared-memory-gem,
  • softgrip for his continued support with tips and tricks,
  • rampagebke for showing me the design inspiration,
  • Empty Box for suggesting to add the Delta meter display,
  • kalabaleek for the layout changer suggestion,
  • And to everyone who supported me and gave their suggestion!
Download link:
Also, check out the rest of the Rivali group apps!

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Latest reviews

Great app and looks fantastic! There were a few issues with it that I had to fix, hence only giving it 4 stars instead of 5.

When using a car with a max RPM between 14k and 17k, such as the Ferrari SF70H (which has a max RPM of 15K,) the tachometer graphic wasn't displaying due to a fault in the script's logic. This has now been fixed.

Added a pre-shift indicator to the gears section of the display.

The ABS indicator graphic was there, but there was no code for it in the script so it didn't work. This has now been fixed and the icon updated to match the built in one from AC.

There were no TC or DRS indicators. These have now been added and the tachometer graphics shuffled around a bit to make room.

The tyre temperatures now show full IMO temps as well as the cores, just like the 4.4 version.

Braking/skid gauges have been improved in line with method used in the 4.4 version.

The script had to be updated to a newer version.
I downloaded the 4.4 version available in the Ask Question section and it works perfectly fine. Also, I really appreciate the possibility to change the units for pressure, temps, speed and fuel. One thing that could be improved is the size of the speedmeter and other windows that I find a bit small and we can't enlarge. Other than that, great HUD, maybe one of the best out there!!
really good app but how can i change location of "Delta meter"
For me doesnt work
[OV1Info: error] Traceback (most recent call last):
File "apps/python/OV1Info\", line 26, in <module>
from import App
File "apps/python/OV1Info\app\", line 3, in <module>
from third_party.sim_info import SimInfo
File "apps/python/OV1Info\ third_party\", line 29, in <module>
import ctypes
File "D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\system\x64\\ctypes\", line 7, in <module)
ImportError: DLL load failed: not found
Its a very good HUD, but im playing in 4K and its to small on my TV. It should have a option to change size, and i couldnt find any solutions to change size. Besides of that its really good.
Nice app with very useful information.
If the development is continued (and i really hope it is :-P ), I got some ideas:
1. I'm playing AC in 4k, and the app is pretty small. There should be an option to change its size.
2. It would also be nice if you could change the background's transparency.
3. The "red" (nomen est omen) part of the rev counter should be more perceptible.

PS: As some others said, I also didn't replace any .png-file ...
ok when you install this mod for the first time it attempts to overwrite something. called pin_icn_ON.png if you let it you will lose all ability to use any of your apps. NEEDS FIX but it is a good app. dont let it replace this filie or you will need to reinstall assetto corsa.
Amazing up but would love if it had ERS, DRS, Pedal info, also the wheel temp colour on my screen dont change, they are always yellow/orangish, anything I should do for that?
Great App! Only missing is a DRS indicator, as well as info about ERS (for example in the RSS Formula Hybrid).
Excellent! and I really appreciate it!
This version is up to date. Take 4.2 on google.
Doesnt display in app menu
Looks great but creates framerate hitches - quite serious ones too - and before you ask I have a good system. Such a shame. If the dev could optimise this a bit better it would be the best tacho out there. As it stands I am uninstalling and looking for another one.
The best I've ever used ! Congrats !!!
This is by far the best looking, but the text is very small and your not able to resize any of the huds. IIRC you can get any two huds to snap to the tachometer, the other two should snap together side by side or on top of each other. Please add resizing and more snapping. Maybe more color options and reskin not just the background but the edges of the tachometer as well.
doesnt display in app menu
It no longer works in version 1.12.3 (2017, Feb).
Will they correct?
I can't get it showed up on the app list sucks.
i cant get it to work, installed it just like every other app, enabled it in settings, but i dont see it on my app menu on the track , its just not there to display

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