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Road America AI 1.0

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Goes in the ai folder of the road america folder of the track converted by thestrobe8, the one converted by aspec spells roadamerica in one word.
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From the "Standing Start" to the last charge up hill to the finish line Road American keeps you on your toes. When you begin to feel the rhythm of this 4 mile track you start to hear the music she sings. My home track, the track we visited 3 to 4 times a year for motorcycle races, SCCA, Pro-Am, TransAM, Indy Car and many others. The big blast at T-14 all the way up the hill to a high pitch whine, hard in to T-1 with a rattle and rumble in to 3rd gear. Blasting out of T-1 to T-2 which you hardly notice to a popping, rapping and cracking as you hit 2nd gear at near top RPMs quick to 3rd and a low rumble works it's way up and down only to pop and hiss it's way back to a low rumble. Accelerate hard, brake quick and shift up and down for the next 1/2 mile in to T-8 a 90* left hand corner followed by a 180* right swooping carousal which builds a steady speed all the way o the exit where the brave hold the peddle to the floor until they hit the brakes for T-12. Up hill and off camber left can catch you off guard if you demand too much from your car or motorcycle. Back right look slight left brake slide the back end for the power push up to start finish and that completes our lap at Raod America we hope you enjoyed yours.

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