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Romantic Monte Carlo Day to Night Race 1.2

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In view of uploading and downloading problems, this mod will only contain day to night race only. This day to night version is the same as the one in version1.1.
Night Race version is in separate upload now.
Improved lighting at sunset and night.
For day to night, buildings lights can be seen at night, but this introduces occasional glares from buildings, sea and racingline and makes it more challenging like real scene. Sunset scene available at 50% race but night scene only available in 100%.
You will unlikely to get this effect if you just replace tod.dat and tod.xml and also get poor lighting at sunset and night.
For night version, the lighting is improved but I am unable to get buildings lights as in day to night version.

Day to night night scene:

Compare with CM scene: expect glares

Night Race version: not as impressive as night scene in day to night version.
5 night.jpg

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