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Misc Romantic Monte Carlo Day to Night Race 1.2

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Romantic Monte Carlo race - Day to night and night races

Choice of day to night and night races. Make backup and replace files accordingly.
There are lighting problems for parts of circuit during sunset for day to night race: too dim or glaring from buildings. May need to adjust screen brightness.

Pictures captured during work in progress. May not reflect final mod exactly.
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I have problem uploading the update: 90 MB only Edit: finally seems like ages to finish.
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Enhanced lightings

Improved lighting at sunset and night.
For day to night, buildings lights can be seen at night, but this introduces occacional glares from buildings, sea and racingline and makes it more challenging like real scene.
You will unlikely to get this effect if you just replace tod.dat and tod.xml and also get poor lighting at sunset and night.
For night version, the lighting is improved but I am unable to get buildings lights as in day to night version.

Day to night night...

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Hooollly ..,
You're a genius!

Do this for all tracks!! Would make my year :D
I can tell you an easier way I heard this from the Bahrain night mod someone said this just copy the tod.dat and tod.xml to any track. I tested out and it works. Here is a picture from China


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