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Sachsenring 1.2

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Sachsenring_GP 1.00 for rFactor
Original By: Matthias "Steppenwolf" Schmidt
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 18-May-09

Obtained permission by author : 31/12/2014

AC conversion : Pascal Martin
Team ACM : Assetto Corsa Modding/

Initial release for AC :
- 1 Pit only
- Test new Trees
- Resolution enhancement of tire walls

acs 2015-01-02 12-12-20-26.jpg
acs 2015-01-02 12-13-52-07.jpg
acs 2015-01-02 12-14-19-45.jpg

Version 1.0 :
ksEditor 2015-02-13 22-13-37-13.jpg

ksEditor 2015-02-13 22-15-00-79.jpg

Grass and Asphalt improvement :


Latest updates

  1. AC Version : 1.2

    AC Version : 1.2 Cameras file by Black Wagtail (RD) - fixed cameras_2.ini - added cameras_3.ini...
  2. AC Version : 1.1

    AC Version : 1.1 - Two new cameras file by Black Wagtail (RD) + cameras_1.ini TV 2 (made it...
  3. AC Version : 1.0

    AC Version : 1.0 - Optimize 3D Grass - Improving the grass and asphalt - New camera FOV - Add...

Latest reviews

Well done, my friend, excellent work.
nice need more tracks from germany ;)
Hope anyone can fix this track i love this track so much but there are so many problems like wrong corners and black holes where cars falling down.
Usually I'd say 2.5 stars. It's not completely poor, but below average, because there are a lot of things to fix.

1. Mesh is completely messed up in Turn #1. Whenever you enter that corner, you are able to see all the holes within the curbs.

2. There is a car eating hole in the ground after Turn #11. Check this out:

3. You really dont wanna use the Freecam and take a look around. Espacially the area "Fahrerlager" at the right side of the starting grid.

4. Substanding and similar apps are unable to calculate the proper distance between the cars. Last race I had a car right in front of me, and according to Substanding it was between 15 and 30 seconds ahead.

Unfortunately this exigent track hasnt been improved for a very long time, and I highly doubt those issues will be fixed someday.
Turn 9 "Fahrerlager Kurve" is very terrible...
realy like this track , but why i can only drive 2 rounds in a race ore raceweekend
veryvery good pset , very technical, very beatiful , one must have
thank you for this update and for your jod.
Great job, thank you!
Thanks for the update,fantastic job ...congratulation ! :)
Very fine track, excellent work! Just 2 things to improve.
First, the maximum race length you can set is 2 laps, it can't be changed. I assume that is connected with the given length in the track description where it`s said to be 36 THOUSAND meters or so. So I could imagine more than 2 laps would be too long for AC.
Second is the AI. They choose curious lines and are generally very slow. With only a few laps practice I end up first after one lap starting from the back of the grid.
It would be great thing if you could fix these two things, thank you for your work untill now anyway!
Excellent Job!!!! Thanks for continuing improving it!!
Awesome job , great track....cheers and thanks mate !
This is an incredible track. My only disappointment is, that the 3D-grass only appears if you set your world-settings to MAXIMUM. But I always play with VERY HIGH settings. Whereas on all the other tracks I get 3D-grass with VERY high settings too, on this track I see not a single blade of grass :-(
Could you PLEASE make it visible on VERY high settings too? Would deserve 5 stars then from me ;-)
Anyway: Thank you very much for this awesome track!
I actually parametered grass at the highest level of detail (5). I can actually do a test with a lower level (4). I tested it in the next build.
Thank you Sear !!!
Nices changes...Keep going ;)
My new favorite track,Test drove it in the F40 S3, :) Most fun i've had in ages,great work,Thanks.

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