SF23B Sound Mod!

SF23B Sound Mod! V2.0

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carlos signs

Tutorial on how to swap this sound with any other car that isn't mentioned (sp mod, ect.):
1.) Change the name of the .bank file to whatever car you're using.
2.) Open the GUIDs file and click edit - replace
3.) Copy and paste your chosen car's name into "replace with"
4.) Copy and paste the name of the car on the GUIDs file onto "find what".

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  1. SF-23B Sound Mod V2.0!

    Added - V2! Onboards from Charles Leclerc's Pole Lap in COTA!!!

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I actually really like the mod. But the in pit / idle sound is not very pleasant at all and the audio is so much louder in pt then it is once driving. Not a knock on the work as it may very well just be the way the SF23 sounds. But I do like the way it sounds the min you get it into gear. I drive only in cockpit view. It does sound much more true to the way the sf23 sounds IMO. But maybe you could do an update to clean up the idle sound and volume? Otherwise, thank you for the hard work and mod!
Amazing very immersive and realistic love ur work
Impressive! unbelievable how this is realistic. Congrats.

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