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SoapBox Racing 1.01

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This is not my mod and i do not have any rights over it, i have just uploaded it from our server
to install unpack to a folder of choice and move to Gamadata folder and rfm to the main folder of rfactor1


Well Soapbox Racing has arrived in R Factor. Ive had a ton of fun in the making of this mod and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Included in the rar is:-

Soapbox Vehicles.
Soapbox Track (Good name) not!!!
Spacebox (Experimental track and alot of fun)

Vehicles and Tracks by Madcowie

Most of the skins by Pete, RFC :)

Thank you to Matt Thompson as well with bits and bats :)

Extract the RAR into your RFactor directory or into any other directory and swap it across manually if you dont trust me. :)

I dont do EXE files. If I can be arsed to sit here for weeks designing these mods Im sure you can spend five mins installing it.

Nice small download for you. So give it a try.


p.s Change gear to move :)

p.p.s They have zero power. They go just as in a forward direction wether you are in reverse, neutral of first.

p.p.p.s I purposely didnt put starting lights on the Spacebox track. I wanted to make it harder to anticipate the start as every 1000th counts in these machines.

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Because I had no intention to do drifting in any sims but never thought of the motivation to download any touge tracks for the purpose of this but would love to have a mod where you race other soapboxes through oncoming traffic. Retrospectively, the opponent cars don't want to be there as they crash spontaneously for no reason whatsoever. other than the soapbox tracks.

Neither does it likes to have more than 5 cars on track (the main purpose of having rF1 and why I gave it a 4) - anymore, then they all flip over or crashes randomly - set it up to a 5+ car grid and you'll find out.

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