St. Petersburg 2003

St. Petersburg 2003 1.15

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Urban track in Florida, USA.
convertion from GTR2 and GTL.

-CSP required
-32 pit/start
-AI, cam
-2003/2020 Billboards like skin

Credits & Thanks;
Zero-G for his scratch build
Neel Jani for GTR1 version
IDT Simulations for rF verison and Thank you for gave me permission.
LeeJr for GTR2 Version
Der Dumeklemmer for GTL Version and Thank you for gave me permission.

AC Converted by @shin956
AI by @kevink63
Cam by @ckkjw398 , @racealot
logo.png and sections.ini by @Fanapryde
Test and Feedback by @breathe_reprise , @Mascot , @Fanapryde
marshall, and grass textures by kunos
(Up to v1.0) light config, tarmac skin, loading screenshot by @racealot

v1.1 changelog;
I changed the source to GTR2 and started over.
If you want to remove the loading screenshot, you can find the corresponding file in assettocorsa\extension\backgrounds.

v1.15 changelog;
AI updated by @kevink63


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Latest updates

  1. 1.15 update

    v1.15 changelog; AI updated by @kevink63

Latest reviews

Its' a very good job, can i ask to change F1 sponsor advertising (eg. Bridgestone or Aramco) with someone else more U.S. oriented?
Very good
Just want to say a big thank you for making AC an even better experience!!!
Outstanding work mate, thank you very much. Fantastic chaotic season opener
This is excellent, great track, thank you.
Excellent!!! Update made it feel soooo much better!!
Great improvement over the previous version
Thank you so much for this very good conversion, I've been wanting St Pete in Assetto Corsa for ages and this one does a very nice job and I love driving it.
thank you so much !!!
Such an amazing conversion. Great job!!!
Cette update lui donne tout ce qui lui manquait. Ce circuit est devenu vivant et agréable à la rétine, c'est immersif et magnifique. Merci à tous ceux qui ont travaillé sur ce circuit
nicely done!!
the new tarmac texture is what it needed!
Great job, thank you very much!
I was literally looking for this track 2 days ago and the one I found was far inferior. Thank you for bringing us this one!
It's nice to finally see a proper conversion of this track! Nice work.
Very nice. I just love these conversion tracks.

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