Summit Point Raceway

Summit Point Raceway 2.2

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Here is the 2.2 version of Summit point main.

Please do a clean install!!

**Tested and working on CSP1.79 and higher. Should work on vanilla now too.

32 pit boxes
grass fx
rain fx
night lighting
4 camera sets
**(credits: @racealot & @raceabit)
* replay cams x4
* in-game loading screens
* revised ui-track.json file
* revised track-maps
* vao-patch file
**(credits: @CrisT86 & @DaBaeda)
* and ext_config update

This version is built on lidar data in blender.

Also, the track is to represent the more recent look that was repaved I believe in 2017. So the patches are not there for that reason.

I'd like to do the rest of the complex in the future. But need a little break first.

Modeled by DB_1973

If you'd like to buy me a coffee that would be appreciated!
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Latest updates

  1. Update 2.2

    **Tested and working on CSP1.79 and higher. Should work on vanilla now too. **I made new AI...
  2. Update to 2.1

    Please do a clean install!! I have had 2 people report issue with it not loading the track. I...
  3. Update on the Small update.

    Put the AI files back in. Adjusted the grass to make it a little darker. A few other adjustment...

Latest reviews

My local track. Novice driver trying improve in real life. Been using your track and AC as a training tool and man has it paid off. Amazing work on this. Really helped me make huge improvements in real life! One can safely say that this track is close if not exactly the same as the real thing. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.

Any chance you'd be working on Dominion Raceway?
I give you 5 stars and thank you for all the time you have invested in this project. I like the bumpiness of the track it's bumpy but good to drive. Nice work. But I also have a small criticism to make. The grass still looks way too saturated green. I also know that grass FX and drought is a difficult problem to solve. I also noticed your brown spots, so I see you are trying to get the best out of it. All difficult. May be a non GrassFX version would be more realistic? I dont know.
Thanks for the review. I am still going to play around with the grass so this is not a final look for it. I was looking at some other popular track mods and want to try something they did so we will see. But yes a lot of trial and error when learning how to build a track.
Great feel track with the many elevation changes and wide/sharp turns... Congrats! Have been working on some replay cams (WIP) - check them out @
Thank you and Nice work!
Thanks for the update just to keep you informed CM reports that its version 2.0 not the updated version 2.1
Thanks for the reminder. I forgot to update .json file. This is v2.1. I will update this with the next update as it is trivial for it to work properly.
Love it! Keep up the great work! Finally a great track from my home state.
I made the main layout for GT6 years ago using the cracked editor and geo data from Google and Youtube vids. Then used a crude version from another person for AC until now.
Thankyou! :]
Holy crap!! As someone who actually works for Summit Point and does the vast majority of his driving at the three tracks Summit Point has to offer, you have absolutely nailed this!!!

Turn 3 feels very similar to how it does irl, and I was just blown away by all the surrounding area stuff. I kept going like "oh there's the vault" and "there's the silo"

Great job, I am seriously blown away by this!
Thanks for the review. It make me feel good that it feels accurate to someone who drives there on the regular. After the 100s of hr's put into this track. If you could I get me some pics of the building kinda behind the t3 flagmans hut, that would be great. I could not find a good pic of it and don't know exactly what it should look like so I left it out.
Good work. Many thanks for this track. Is short layout in plans ?
I will probably add that at some point. I wasn’t sure how much the short version was desired.
Watched Supra MK5 review at this track piqued my interest so I went looking for it and here I am. Great fun with ~200hp cars.
i love this track its where i race f2000 i wish it was on rfactor as it has the usf2000mod i would give anything to get it on rfactor since it makes my practice before races very easy
Sweet, loved this one in my iRacing days, nice to get out there again.
Awesome, thanks so much for sharing
I haven't been back on AC but i'd love to see this on rfactor 2 as well any way that can be possible. this is local to me and i love racing it on assetto its so fun just wish there was more of this track on other sims.
I am not familiar with how to do an rf2 conversion but if someone that knows how to get it in that sim I would be more than happy to work with them to make it happen.
Thanks for the review. I am currently working on a lidar version of summit main. I was then thinking of doing Jefferson and Shenandoah in later work but the main build is moving slowly at times but coming along pretty good.
Short layout shows the full layout map, and with Map Display app the background of the map is completely opaque.
Otherwise a pretty good track, but two stars off for messed up short layout.
I like this track more every time I drive it. Good job.
Yes RAIN, if you read the update. It explains how you can get the CSP preview for rain.
Quality work, thanks for this track :)

In the next update can you please divide the light bulb from the pole in order to have 2 separate object which can make the light creation for the CSP easier and better in terms of final result? Thanks in advance :)
Love it! Thanks for sharing! I'm contributing with a camtool set
Thanks. I put your link in the overview.
very well bro, just for complain about something, I think that 5 and 6 are soooooooooo dificult xD, nice job
Fantastic work. I love racing here now I can get some practice in during down time! :)

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