Suzuka 1.4

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Based on the original
Suzuka 1992
for rFactor by F1-S-R


Conversion for AC & texture update:
Original creators:
  • F1-S-R - modeling, texturing, scene
  • F1-S-R - former modeling, organisation
  • F1-S-R - texture

Latest updates

  1. fix

    add - texture 1992 + cameras there are wild tussock - could not smooth!

Latest reviews

good track but you can only do hotlaps. crashes when trying to enter a race.
well now i gotta Delete it. stop being a scam artist please. what you do effects many. think about your actions. oh and No thanks.
Great Japan Track! Thanks!

AI, map, outline by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Suzuka 1.4 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - thestrobe8 - Track Mod - Suzuka 1.4 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
this is terrible untauthorised and shoulndn´t be supportet... Don´t support this rip!
@thestrobe8 - I thank you for converting tracks but PLEASE PLEASE stop releasing tracks.
Pick one track and try to equal the quality of the default track Kunos made... then move on to the next.

@F1-S-R .... How can you approve of this?
should not share ...
2/10 for the mesh
4/10 for graphics
track quality is also smooth asphalt
Awful rubbish
@Paul, but true...
Low poly mesh, unusable in f1, friction set to 1, no track texture, waste of time
Good work on general track layout and dimensions, seems quite good in this department, up there with the best versions of Suzuka i've seen (pro or modders).
The track has a couple of huge bumps, which i never saw anywhere in modern Suzuka, that make a road cars jump... i didn't try the track on modern single seaters, but i can see this being game breaking if not addressed.

Obviously needs a lot of work on textures, tarmac, grass...
Definitely needs more work with the textures, but as a track, it's pretty cool!
Nice work, but need more improvement. Firstly, the edges to some kerbs are too sudden/sharp/steep. This causes the car to fly up into the sky and all over the place. I am quite sure that shouldn't happen in real life.

Secondly, I tested the track with the M3 GT2 and the track just felt too sticky, providing seemingly too much traction than any other tracks I had driven before in AC; doesn't seem like I can lose any traction.

Thirdly, there are unusual bumps in some places. Not too sure whether it's realistic. I will leave that to those who had driven on the real track to comment. But certainly, I didn't come across such bumps in other Suzuka tracks from other games or simulators like R3E.

Fourthly, there are not track markers? How then can we reference our braking point? Surely all tracks need some markers. As of now, there are not markers provided by the natural environment such as trees, neither are there man-made markers (i.e. those boards that tells you your distance away from the next corner as you are approaching it). Without this, I doubt I would drive on this track in the future.

Last but not least, the looks and feel of everything is just so unpolished and unfinished. Track surface, kerbs, grass, everything just looks cartoon-like. In its current state, I think the version should be 0.5 instead (i.e. this seems like only half the work done). So the 1 star given is to counteract all those 4/5 star "encouragement" reviews and bring things into perspective. Yes, you deserve to credit for all your hard work so far, but it's about time you work more on it rather than being satisfied with what you have done. Hence the 1 star serves as a reality check.

Good job so far, but the work is far from complete.
driving this is really great, feels and drives very nice, too bumpy from middle to end of turn 2, look forward to visuals such as, track texture, shapely trees, environment additions, thanks for taking the time to share this with us.
Really bad conversion, no grass horrible textures looks like a cartoon not worth the download. Have no idea why its getting such good reviews.
This is really nice, looks stunning, be absolutely perfect with track texture. Jolly well done and thank you.
Thanks for your work!
Great job. Very nice ambiance and lighting. Little bumpy in one or two spots but maybe that's the circuit. A couple of cones to define the final chicane would be nice if that is appropriate.


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