Sveg Raceway

Sveg Raceway 1.2.1

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excellent racetrack!
Bravo! An absolute blast to drive! Excellent work!

Thank you!!!
One of the best tracks in the entire AC fantasy track library. Excellent sector flow in modern LMP cars. Solid performance, even at night. Incredible job.
How could I have missed this wonder? I can't explain it...
A little bit too easy to drive, but this is a good quality track! Great work!
(There is a nice rainbow at the start with CSP base weather, 2022.01.10 at 10:44...)
A bit of a sleeper hit and can go under the radar. Very good
Great detail, fun to drive on.
other beautiful track, good job, thanks!!!
I took a 2019 F1 car around this track! It is amazing! Here’s a video from me
Amazing work!
Very nice track! I love it with the Porsche 962! <3
Amazing Track, and the details are 20/10 Love it, I darn sure Love it
Masterpiece, attention to detail is insane. 10/10
Best track. Attention to detail is awesome.
Somehow missed this masterpiece until now. Nice detail and awesome to drive, great job
Love this track for high speed runs. Nice work
Thank you for the amazing track, with tricky and technical turns.
Looks really good!! Thank you for sharing.
Great update for this epic track. Thanks!

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