1. shin956

    Punta del Este ePrix 1.0

    Punta del Este Street Circuit is a street circuit located in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It runs along the town's harbour – nicknamed the Monte Carlo of South America. (Wikipedia) Conversion from rFactor2. -CSP recommended -26 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is...
  2. Swisss_T

    Flashrock 1.0

    This is an endurance circuit very loosely based on a real track being completed in Tennessee. Andrei Albu on Fiverr made the track, edited by me, with technical assistance from killball3000 and carbontnt on the RTB discord. This is far from a finished polished track but it is a blast to race on...
  3. Swisss_T

    Rimjack 1.0

    I'm new at track creation and it shows but I have fun competitive GT3 races on this fantasy track. I have much to learn but take it as you will enjoy a race. If you will, leave constructive criticism in the comments or privately. I have fun with this stuff and am always willing to share files...
  4. jotaracer073

    Can Padró ( versión competitiva ) 2.0

    21 box Cam Replays
  5. shin956

    Diriyah ePrix 2021 1.0

    The Riyadh Street Circuit is a street circuit located in the capital of Saudi Arabia, used for the Ad Diriyah ePrix of the FIA Formula E Championship. (Wikipedia) Conversion from rFactor2. -CSP recommended -28 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is dark, rename...
  6. rmi_wood

    Livet Glen 1.0

    "Welcome to the Livet Glen" features: 7 layouts (1-3km) 44/28 pit/grid MuchoFx and VAO'z credits: original track by The Lonely/SLN, converted by @rmi_wood physical road mesh by @pugsang misc contributions by @shin956 and @breathe_reprise
  7. rmi_wood

    Milbantos 1.0

    "Mills Metro Park meets Toban" features: 34 grid/pit CSP GrassFx, LightingFX AI, Cameras, the normal things new textures credits: original track by @frasie , converted with permissions by @rmi_wood physical road, extensive 3d work and trees by @pugsang smoothing and texture tweaks by...
  8. lebug64

    Tracks Pau-arnos Kart

    Is there modders who did or can do the track Pau-arnos karting on AC, and if yes can it upload it or send it ? Merci, Thank you Lebug
  9. Moov

    Drive Drift Circuit 1.0

    Hi all, My first drift track not realistic but i want to using the CSP features also trying test my 3DS & CSP skills Track features: - 48 PITS - Track camera for replays -Ai line must be extract- - CSP (water, lights, rain, etc.) - Track map - Trevor character animation - Drone animation -...
  10. Swisss_T

    newproject - AC track .2

    I got RTB a few days ago and wanted to see what I could do never having any experience at all with any track creation. It aint pretty, Its slick as ice but I love elevation change circuits so I wanted to try. I spent 3 evenings on this watching tutorials and this is where I am about 10 hours in...
  11. B

    NCCAR v0.3

    NCCAR made with Race Track Builder. It's a pretty crude rendition, but usable for Time Attack practice. The chicane is the only part that is not correct due to the elevation change. The rest of the track should be true to life. Please comment any inaccuracies below so they can be fixed in the...
  12. F

    EWS Circuit 1

    Welcome to my debut race circuit design, created using Blender for a school project. While it may not boast the highest professional quality, I guarantee it offers plenty of fun and excitement. Download now and enjoy the ride!
  13. chilenaoexiste

    Domqera International Circuit 1.0.2

    If you liked this track, consider buying me a beer! ;) Welcome to the Domqera International Circuit for AC! A 5.402KM Grade 1 desert circuit with 3 car layouts and one kart track, built for top level racing. The track is a fictional circuit designed and built from scratch by me over the...
  14. S

    Meta tracks

    I am getting a little frustrated. There are so many diff versions of the same tracks now, ACU versions, fenryr versions, ACC port versions. etc. People making skin upgrades for ACU, Fenryr, kunos. I have 351 tracks in my AC, Quite a few are doubles of the well known circuits. Its hard to find...
  15. SRD Shredder

    Tracks Deroni Circuit

    SRD Shredder submitted a new resource: Deroni Circuit - Fast anti-clockwise circuit with lots of elevation. Read more about this resource...
  16. SRD Shredder

    Deroni Circuit 0.411

    The original Deroni Circuit was built in the 1960's, right at the same time the open wheeler divisions were starting to become popular. Endurance racing has also been here since the beginning, with annual 10 an 16 hour races being held over the course of a few weekends. Going into the late...
  17. B

    Adancata Motorpark Reimagined V1.2

    Hi guys, I wanted to remake the Adancata Motorpark Circuit in Adancata, Romania. I started with the base track, but because the real terrain is flat, I added some more verticality. Also, there are some modifications done to the track for better racing in my opinion like a back straight for...
  18. shin956

    São Paulo ePrix 1.0

    The São Paulo Street Circuit is a street circuit in São Paulo, Brazil which hosted the São Paulo Indy 300 from 2010 to 2013, and the São Paulo ePrix since 2023. (Wikipedia) Conversion from rFactor2. -CSP recommended -26 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and the track screen is...
  19. shin956

    Pandoor 1.0

    Fictional circuit. Conversion from GTL. -CSP recommended -36 pit/start -AI, cam Credits & Thanks; GTL Original Track by @carTOON (barcika) -Thank you for giving me permission AC Converted by @shin956 logo.png by @Fanapryde Bliiboard textures by @Mascot Crowds texture by @Kniker97 marshall...
  20. shin956

    Cape Town ePrix 1.0

    Cape Town Street Circuit was a 2.921 km (1.815 mi) street circuit laid out on the city streets of Cape Town, South Africa. It hosted the Cape Town ePrix from 2023 Formula E season. (Wikipedia) Conversion from rFactor2. -CSP recommended -26 pit/start -AI, cam NOTE; If you are using Sol and...

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