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Track Map Display 1.16

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  1. Potential fix for the disappearing app issue

    Changes potential fix for the disappearing app issue reported by many users. Thanks to RD user...
  2. Non-race session coloring regarding out-laps / respect focused car

    Change Log: - respect the new focusedCar() API to change the perspective to the currently...
  3. 1.14 (compatibility update for AC 1.3)

    Please make sure to remove the old version before updating! Change Log: 64 bit support...

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WOW... what an awesome app. I have now added missing or not so accurate maps to some of my track collections. Took me a few minutes to work out how to use, rename and place the saved files in correct order but now it's easy as. After the new maps are added I switched the app off again and my new maps display fine in default map display just as good as any other map. BIG thanks to Neys.
Excellent.....thank you
great so healthful on the giant free roam maps, for those having trouble like me. Drag rar to CM and install. Then on CM goto content tab--> miscellaneous tap on top left 3rd from left. -->Map display --activate check box(now it is in the game side panel menu). In game hover mouse to far right(activate right side panel) while in game and click Map display and that should do it.
I liked it, mostly because is compatible with any map.
Bad, dont explain anything had to google videos to learn you have to turn it on in setting and apps, and after that the map is so tiny and not contrasted so you cant even see the damn map anyways
Great App ,Thanks
We need instructions otherwise 5 stars
its helpful for large maps but randomly the map moves when im driving which is pretty annoying
by using it, the race selected with my "content manager" software never loads, even in hotlap or there is only one car to load. So trash this app
so i know how to access the ini file the edit, but what is the colouyr code for the arrors??? also my map moves while im driviong, how do i stop this ???
"Is there a corner ahead?!" no more.

Installation is easy as most of the other AC mods.

Both of the folders goes into the main AC folder which is;


then you need to activate it from the AC launcher or CM settings / assetto / apps.

That's all.
Would get 5 stars except author hasn't given CLEAR instructions. For those baffled about how to install, place files as directed THEN with Assetto open go to general options and make sure to tick UI/mods section where it shows map overlay red box.
Excellent tool for replacing busted maps. Took me a minute to figure out how to use it. (hotlap mode, click the circle next to the map, then click the save icon below it after you're done recording the map or finish your hotlap).
Amazing! Great work!
Thanks for this. I really like being able to see the whole track/road, especially when I'm learning a new layout or exploring a huge open world (one can literally get lost without it). I've also been using this for the onboard portion in some of my vids. Shuto was my first capture and it has a coloured map option with region names on it which looks interesting
excellent app thanks
almost perfect
i really like option to record map on ur own
there should be a timer app working like this i hate running laps on free roam maps that i cant record my times
Great app, far more useful than stock app and its customiseable.
4 out of 5 stars as the install and usage documentation is very spare, and it's not intuitive to get it working. (read the support comments if you have problems, it's what I had to do to get it working. (I still don't fully know yet how to customise it as its not very well doc'd Yet..
Still easy to get working if u also realise you need to enable it in the game options in AC (and u copy files to correct place)....

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