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TT Circuit Assen 0.8.2

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The TT Circuit Assen, The Netherlands.
One of the most renowned motorcycle circuits in the world: The Cathedral of Speed.

This is the 2012+ layout in 2020 spec. This file contains autosport, motorsport, north layout and Junior Track.
The Junior Track has endless possibilities, I chose the layout which they recently used on the KNMV event days.

The project is a work in progress. Please keep that in mind.

North layout hotfix:
You'll need this to get the laptimes working correctly on the North layout.

V0.8 WIP shots:
Screenshot_bo_caterham_academy_rhd_ne_ttassen_1-11-120-16-7-26.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_akrapovic_ne_ttassen_26-9-120-8-56-28.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_akrapovic_ne_ttassen_26-9-120-9-3-16.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_akrapovic_ne_ttassen_26-9-120-9-4-11.jpg 20201102105628_1.jpg 20201102105804_1.jpg Screenshot_ks_abarth_595ss_ne_ttassen_20-0-121-12-27-28.jpg

Bad video of AI doing a lap around the circuit:

Latest updates

  1. Junior Track added + various fixes

    I bring you the Junior Track! This track has endless possibilities for layouts. I chose the...
  2. V0.8 release - 2020 spec

    After way too many months, I decided to consider v0.8 to be release-ready. It is now mostly* up...
  3. TT Circuit Assen V0.7

    V0.7 changelog: - Reworked a lot of textures and materials. Most of them are still a WIP - 3D...

Latest reviews

het is tijd voor een CSP-update voor de track nu 2 jaar na de laatste update? ( it's time for a CSP-update for the track, now two years after the latest update? )
awsome work on the tt-circuit but the junior track is very bumpy
Ik had nooit verwacht dat er zo'n high quality mod zou zijn van het tt circuit. En nogsteeds als er events zijn laten ze er kinderen assetto corsa spelen op zandvoort :|
Top map, al ruim 5000km gereden (half jaartje tijd) het zou nog dikker zijn met een (iets gedetailleerde) paddock waar je met je auto heen kan. 5/5 sterren
Goeie track, alleen zou ik graag een 2023 spec willen zien, met de blauwe accenten + paddock & tunnel optie!! Heb er ondertussen al 5.000KM opzitten in assetto corsa.
Good work fantastic
thank you.
Thank you so much for this track! I hear this track every day, it's almost my backyard (1500 meters away). Did some laps there IRL last week at track day, and I wanted to relive that feeling in a sim. So, found your track for AC, I really love the feel of the track with BMW, like they race there. Awesome, thanks!

Being someone from Assen makes it such a joy to drive especially when the track is so well made. There are a lot of mods of certain tracks that are just bad or old so that's really amazing. Also fun: I can see some fields of the farm where Iived earlier out of helicopter mode so that is really cool. (and the police tower in Assen)
Love it. Thank you.
very good track but why cant we go to the inner sections and to the paddock. i would love if you made the drenthe rally layout, i would pay for it
I had it open at some point; try one of the older versions if you really want to.
Maybe I could open it up once again and include the Drenthe Rally layout! Everything behind the stands is modeled anyway, it would just be a matter of making stuff out there driveable.
I added it to my todo list :)
Love Assen, one of my favourite circuits and this mod has done it justice! Would love to see a build for the track configuration that was used until the end of 2005 which is up there as one of my all time favourite tracks.
As much as I would like to make the pre-2005 version, the amount of time it requires is simply not realistic. There is a version on GTPlanet, although it's not that accurate in terms of bankings. But it's fun nontheless and it's great that we can drive it anyway.
Really, really fun track to drive. Thanks for making this!
Amazing work ! Im curious, how did you make double layerd curbs ? You know , with this white arrows
Thanks! The green/white kerbs are just a texture applied to some 3D mesh.
Leuk om op te rijden. Al mis wel een DRS punt tussen Turn 5 en 9.
Er bestaan op dit circuit geen harde DRS-zones. Op basis van enkele ervaringen is voor de huidige versie gekozen.
Voor jezelf kan je dit gemakkelijk aanpassen, natuurlijk :)
This course is a lot of fun. You can tell it's well made, and someone put time and effort into it. I appreciate it a lot.

Special mention to the fact you can actually collide with the loose tyres, cones, and pit speed limit signs. It might seem silly, but honestly, it's such an enjoyable little thing about this course. Which many lack. Equally appreciate the ability to slip down bits of track for the other layouts. Maybe one day, I'll be allowed in the flower garden too. (That'd be great, lol)

As someone who races purely for fun by themselves, if that's what you enjoy, you'll like this course. It's good quality.

Thanks for making this.
Thank you for the kind words :)
In the pre-2020 version you could access the "flower garden", but with all the barriers added I figured it would be best to just close it off completely (with an invisible wall on one end). I might revise that just for the sake of it, haha
Good flowing fun circuits. Author, is there a way to arrange different layouts for the Junior Circuit besides just driving which one you want?
Hi, not yet. I tried doing that upon first release, but things get messy really quickly.
It's definately on my wish list!
Very good track ! But 4/5 because the shadow under the car disappears when you're on the racing line - outside of it and on the grass it is fine. That"s weird lol.
Thank you.
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue. Can you check if this issue exists on other (mod/Kunos) tracks as well? As you cannot reply here, you can use the "Ask a question" button on the top to get you to the discussion thread.
Awesome mod! Thank you for the updates, this track was starting to look a little dated but now it's up to the same standard as many of my favourite track mods.
Very good, thank you. A bit heavy on fps though. I have been to the real track many times and this feels very realistic. Well done.
You can reduce the number of spectators in the /data/camera_facing.ini . They are very heavy on some systems and there are a lot of them right now. If that doesn't help, send a PM or post in the Discussion thread so we can try and find out why it's so heavy.

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