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Williams Martini Racing Barcode Logo 1.3 FINAL!

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I made a psd layer on my own for this skin, based on McGregors Williams Martini Mod (it´s completely reworked, smoother lines, other colours, other logos, alphachannels and so on. thnx @McGregor for the great fundamental work) the barcode is from an online barcodegenerator and it means martini (of course). so the mirrored logothing (which is impossible to fix) is accepatble for me.

You find 2 versions, one with the default drivernames on the cars and the driversuits and one with a "noname/noflag" car and driversuit instead of Bottas, this is menat for your carreer, if you like it. of course you can feel free to use ryders tool and photoshop to place your own name and flag on everything. who can´t do this, has at least a noname car instead of a strangers one ;)

have fun!

Latest updates

  1. small fix in reflection files ; added a martini logo version (mirrored) as requested

    unless you people don´t find any issues with this thing, I´m now through with it. everything...
  2. changed fonts and colors more realistic

    finally of course again in both versions (defaukt botas car/suit and clear botas...
  3. martini racing coloured driver suits

    I just noticed, I used the original driver suit colours in previous version (dark blue only), I...

Latest reviews

Love it! Could you do one with Martini writing on? I do't mind the mirroring :) or, maybe the Russian GP livery or both? haha great skin though :)
done! v1.3 includes bot, barcode and martini logo. I´ll not release a
russian gp version sry but there are also other great skins with that on. cheers ;)
Looks amazing! Any plans to redo the '@WilliamsRacing', 'Massa', and 'Bottas' texts on the car? The font in real life is one of the 'Neutra' fonts but the one in the game has a totally different one so it'll be nice for someone to get that minor detail sorted out as well ;)
thnx for the hint, I didnt notice that detail yet, but of course I´m gonna fix that. so the final update of the final update is comming soon :D
Driving this car. Looks great, good job and thank you
yw! I´m glad that you like it. I recommend to install McGregors Full Martini Racing Mod first and overwrite it with the barcodelogo files. That should fit perfect together.
Really Good!!! :)
A Question... Are you using a cam mod? Looks nice :D
hi, thnx! yes I use a cam mod named "Fom Cockpit Mod Cam 3" it is from the F1 2013 Mods section of this forum, I just copied the files 1:1 to F1 2014 (FOV 53 version) and it works perfect

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