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Yamaha R1 SBK Edition -15 0.1

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Hi guys! Been a long time since, but i got this request and figured that why not just release it.

This is the Yamaha R1 superbike from 2015 racing team.
Think it looks far better then the stock one

Install Mixfile ReMixer by downlod link above, make backup of the original MIX files.
Extract the DLC1 CONTENT.mix file located:

"X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RIDE - Game\DLC"

Then extract the rar files to the extracted CONTENT.MIX content and replace the matching files.

Then open MixFile Remixer and create a new MIX file from the extracted CONTENT.MIX content.
Always save in SBK-X/V8 file format otherwise game will crash.

And just replace the new created CONTENT.mix with the old CONTENT.mix (not the backup one)

Run the game
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Thank you really nice mod
good skin.. news for updated version? and for r1m version?

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