10 Racing & Driving Titles to Look Out for in 2022

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We are quarter of the way through 2022 already, so far we’ve seen Gran Turismo 7 hit the shelves and Assetto Corsa Competizione receive a massive update for the latest generation of console - but what can we expect to see in the racing game and simulator genres for the rest of 2022?

There are of course a number of titles that will be due this year, that will not be a surprise to anyone. You know the franchises we are on about, they come out year after year. However, this year there are a few titles that are making a return after more than a year out and some very promising indie games too.

Here’s our list of racing games that you need to keep an eye out for, have we missed any?
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"American Motorcycle Simulator

Fancy riding across the states on the legendary Route 66? Part simulator, part survival game, this title allows you to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles on your faithful bike.

As well as fuelling and maintaining your motorcycle, players will be able to shoot some pool, play darts and poker, have a few drinks and even visit a club or two."

This sounds fun.
My personal proposal is they should name it Easy Rider instead.
And maybe name the virtual rider Peter Fonda :p
Redout 2 is the only one that catches my attention (I like the F1 series, but... yeah annualized stuff isn't that exciting).

I'll still enjoy all my time with AC and AMS2, which is good enough for me. We don't need a revolution every year. :)
With all the money I spent on my rig in the last few months :cry: (CSL DD, two wheels, Radeon 6800XT) I am definitely looking forward to a good driving sim, no arcade stuff. Anything that can be a worthy successor of AC is welcome. Ideally a sim where I can drive at the limit road cars/supercars with proper physics on road/trackdays, places like LA Canyons or the Nordschleife. I do think AC is still very good for that, so I can wait. For racing I don't think I need anything other than ACC, maybe a rally title but that would mean spending more money on equipment (handbrake).. so thanks, no thanks.
Redout 2 looks good, but, and I hate to be the one that says this, but there's no word on VR support, and VR support is what makes anti-grav racers shine.

F1 2022 will probably be a buy from me, but honestly I haven't really put that much time into 2021.

Nano racing looks really interesting - I absolutely love Circuit Superstars, so here's hoping Nano Racing will be at least as good.

Also Rush Rally Origins looks like a buy from me. I tried to love Art of Rally but for some reason I just couldn't get on with the controller implementation - it was just too sensitive regardless of whatever settings I used, so here's hoping Rush Rally Origins will improve on that.
Not so exciting year, tho. WRC 11 might be fun for a while. But I am happily sticking with AMS 2 till 2030, tho.
Nothing too exciting for me, although the American Motorcycle Simulator sound interesting, but it depends on how they structure the game. Will it be open world, mission based, or will it be like NFS The Run where you only play select stages while skipping large parts of the route.
I would be excited about the BTCC game, except for the fact that it's more than likely that MSG will make it a buggy arcade crap fest.

Fingers crossed about TDU.

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