2022 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix

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F1's 10 teams and 20 drivers will be racing under the lights in Singapore this weekend with many midfield battles still to play out.

Max Verstappen's dominant season, which will likely end up as the winningest season in F1 history, has him as the favourite to win under the lights in Singapore.

Short of a statistical miracle, both the drivers and constructors' championships are concluded in Verstappen and Red Bull's favour for 2022. An early-season threat from Ferrari was quickly thwarted by Red Bull, and Christian Horner's team and number one driver have been comfortably in front of the rest of the field since.

Behind Red Bull in the constructors' championship are Ferrari and Mercedes. After the first few races of the season it seemed like the struggle for pace from Mercedes would see them fade from contention with the top teams after nearly a decade of dominance, but they now sit just 35 points behind Ferrari.

Alpine and McLaren are also close in the standings, with the two teams separated by 18 points. A podium finish from either team this weekend could swing the battle significantly with only a handful of races remaining.

The Sebastian Vettel farewell season has just six remaining races including Singapore. The four time F1 champion will run his final races in Japan, the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi after this weekend before hanging up his racing gloves.

A mix of clouds, rain, and maybe even a thundershower could lead to interesting conditions this time out in Singapore.

Will this be the weekend Verstappen clinches his championship? Will Mercedes catch Ferrari in the standings before the season ends? Who do you think might get a surprise podium finish in Singapore? Let us know in the comments below.

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I would like to see rain and a very mixed-up field. It would be great to see something other than a Max demonstration run.
Another terrible bodged together street circuit that's totally unsuitable for F1.

The only reason this is on the calendar is that Singapore bought the event.

Honestly it annoys the hell out of me how purpose built established circuits like Hockenheim and Nurburgring are being ignored just because somebody with fat checkbook can close off a few city streets, laughably call it a circuit, and then bribe F1 and the FIA for the event to take place.
Appalled to see that PRC is hosting a GP once again next year.
If that is the case, I have no interest in the sport.
Sorry mister Zwiss... it's not Redbull's fault that Ferrari made so many mistakes this season
It was the same for Mercedes when Vettel and Ferrari made so many mistakes. Remember Singapore 2017.
You just should drop the stupid idea that Max is a good driver and the others just have good cars ;)
But I know you can't :)
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