2023 RaceDepartment / OverTake Awards: Vote For Your Favorites!

With a year of exciting releases in sim racing ahead, the 2023 RaceDepartment / OverTake Awards take a look back at the best of last year. Now, it is time to vote - who are your favorites?

2024 is set to be an exciting year in sim racing, with titles like Le Mans Ultimate and Assetto Corsa 2 expected to release. Until the hype train goes full steam ahead, we want to honor the best of 2023, however. The 2023 OverTake / RaceDepartment Awards are here!

While we had already identified most of the nominees for our 11 categories, we were sure our lists are not extensive. So for phase 1 of the Awards, you, the community, could suggest the final nominee for each category (bar the Community Screenshot of the Year category) – the one with the most suggestions got added to the nominee list of their respective category.

For this purpose, we created a 2023 RaceDepartment / OverTake Awards sub-forum on RaceDepartment for each category. After they have run their course for taking your suggestions, they are now the place to cast your vote for your favorite nominee via the polls that each of the category threads now features.

Want to find out who made it to the final list of nominees and cast your votes? Click on the category images below to go right to the respective threads!

2023 RaceDepartment / OverTake Awards Categories​

Voting will be open until Sunday, January 28. So make sure to make your picks in the polls to hopefully see your favorites come out on top!

Head to the RaceDepartment forums to vote for your favorites!

We are looking forward to see who you want to see win the RaceDepartment / OverTake awards!
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