The new look of Formula One: Here we gather all new liveries, as all teams will launch their 2024 F1 cars in the first half of February.

Image credit: Sauber F1

With the season opener at Bahrain only a few weeks away, excitement is beginning to build for the start of the 2024 Formula One season. Since Formula 1 is above all a media spectacle, the teams tend to celebrate the launch of their new cars as loudly and glamorously as possible.

Admittedly, we do not expect major design changes. However, as some teams are entering the 2024 season with new names and sponsors, we should at least see some fresh liveries.

2024 F1 Car Launches: All Cars Revealed​

By 15 February, all 2024 F1 car launches had happened. Here we list all the new cars in chronological order. Moreover, with regards to 2024 F1 car launches in sim racing, there are also already some interesting news revolving around McLaren.

Haas VF-24​

Haas VF-24
Haas revealed their VF-24 on 2 February 2024. Image credit: Haas F1

Haas F1 was the first to reveal its 2024 car. The American team introduced the VF-24 on 2 February 2024 via its social media accounts, their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Williams FW46​

Williams FW46
Williams revealed their FW46 on 5 February 2024. Image credit: Williams F1

Williams revealed the FW46 with its new livery on 5 February by livestreaming from Puma’s New York City flagship store. You could and can watch the footage on the Williams website and the official Williams Racing app.

Sauber C44​

2024 F1 Car Launches: the new Sauber CW44 in black and neon green
Also revealed on 5 February, the Stake F1 C44 (Sauber) sports a completely new livery in black and "mamba" green.

The Stake F1 team will be entering the season with a rebrand following Sauber’s agreement to a new sponsorship deal with Australian streaming platform Accordingly, Sauber showed the C44 on 5 February 2024 on the Kick website as a livestream.

Alpine A524​

Image credit: Alpine
Alpine unveiled their 2024 contender A524 on 5 February on their website and YouTube channel. The car's livery is predominantly black with blue and pink highlights which was inspired by their partnership with contemporary artist Felipe Pantone. Alpine also showed a second livery which features more pink instead of blue and which will be run at eight of this season's 24 races.

Image credit: Alpine

Visa Cash App RB F1 Team VCARB-01​

Image credit: Visa Cash App RB F1 Team

The newly branded Visa Cash App RB F1 Team (former Alpha Tauri) revealed their new car, dubbed VCARB-01, on 8 February in Las Vegas. A trailer can be watched on their YouTube channel. Like the Sauber C44, the VCARB-01 comes in a new look. Still predominantly blue and white, the blue is now the hue of the main sponsor, while the white has become less overall, and there are now also some red elements.

Image credit: Visa Cash App RB F1 Team

Aston Martin AMR24​

Image credit: Aston Martin
Following on from Haas, Williams, Sauber, Alpine and RB, Aston Martin launched their 2024 car called AMR24 with a special presentation from their Silverstone headquarters on Monday (12 Feb) morning. Regarding the actual livery, it again sports a British racing green and in total resembles the 2023 car a lot. A trailer is on their YouTube, and on their X account you can watch the car exiting the pitlane.

Image credit: Aston Martin

Ferrari SF-24​

Image credit: Ferrari F1

Ferrari has presented the Ferrari SF-24 for the 2024 Formula 1 season on 13 February. The Scuderia showed a clip introducing the car on YouTube and X. According to Ferrari team boss Frederic Vasseur "95 percent of the parts on the new car will be new." Though the team have stuck with their traditional red livery, there are obvious design. Nose, air inlets and side boxes are noticabley different. The livery now sports a yellow and white stripe that runs across the entire vehicle to the rear. Further pictures were published on their Instagram.

Image credit: Ferrari F1

Mercedes-AMG W15​

Launch of the 2024 Mercedes-AMG W15

Image credit: Mercedes-AMG
On the morning of February 14, Mercedes-AMG presented its new W15 in a live stream to the world public. Short, matter-of-fact, without glamor. In a garage in Silverstone, where the shakedown would take place afterwards.

2024 Mercedes-AMG W15 side view
Image credit: Mercedes-AMG
Apparently, silver is the new black. The livery of the Mercedes-AMG F1 W15 E Performance, the full name of the 2024 F1 racer, once again features more silver than black, especially at the front and top. The sidepods are still black. The turquoise and red of the main sponsors also adorn the new contender in the familiar manner. Check out Mercedes-AMG's Facebook, X and Instagram for more info and pictures.

2024 Mercedes-AMG W15 front view
Image credit: Mercedes-AMG

McLaren MCL38​


Image credit: McLaren F1

McLaren also revealed its MCL38 on 14 February 2024. Like at Mercedes, the launch was not a big deal. Instead there was only a sober press release and the first pictures of the MCL38. Some more pics were released simultaneously on their X account.

The distinctive papaya and black are the predominant colors. The light blue or other colors that you could see on some McLarens in 2023, on the other hand, have disappeared.

The livery itself had already been known for several weeks. As it will soon be available in the official F1 racing game, EA F1 23, McLaren Shadow announced that on X on 16 January.

In the meantime, make sure to check our download sections on RD for F1 23 or Assetto Corsa for the latest skins or other updated 2024 F1 assets. For Automobilista 2, user KKRT Dustin has already published his WIP F1 2024 Skin Pack for the F-Ultimate Gen2. For other Formula 1 game related contents, visit our news section.

Red Bull RB20​

2024 F1 Car Launch: Red Bull RB20
Image credit: Red Bull F1

Red Bull launched its new 2024 Challenger RB20 in the evening of 15 February as a "live" event on its YouTube channel. However, the launch was actually recorded in the morning and as a matter of fact was just a pre-recorded show. Also the shakedown at the Silverstone Circuit took place already a couple of days ago.

Image credit: Red Bull F1

Apart from the drivers, reigning world champion Max Verstappen and Mexican Sergio Perez, also team principal Christian Horner was present and talked about the new car, calling it "an evolution of last year's car" as well as looking "aggressive in parts."

Asked whether he thinks he could win his 4th driver's title in a row with the new car, Verstappen replied smugly: "Time will tell."

How true, and we can't wait.

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