2024 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix

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One of the most hotly anticipated Formula One races of the season once again takes place on the streets of the Principality of Monte Carlo, the coveted Monaco Grand Prix.

Just a week after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola, the Formula One fraternity makes station at Monte Carlo for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix. With McLaren appearing to have woken up a beast in Lando Norris, and Max Verstappen's Red Bull team in PR tatters, can the charging bull hold off the papaya missile?

McLaren's Tribute To Aryton Senna​

McLaren will run a spectacular one-off, Ayrton Senna-inspired yellow, green and blue full-car livery at the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix. This comes a few weeks after the 30th anniversaries of the Brazilian's and Roland Ratzenberger's deaths at Imola in 1994 - a fitting tribute for Senna, who was a noted Monaco specialist and won there a record six times.

Team Principal Zak Brown had some heartfelt words to say about Mclaren's most successful driver.

“The team is proud to recognise and celebrate the extraordinary life and racing legacy of Ayrton Senna through this McLaren livery,” said Brown.

“Senna remains revered and respected as Formula 1’s greatest icon, and McLaren’s most decorated driver.

“His impact on McLaren is enormous, not only through his racing record but also his presence within the team, and now his legacy, so it’s an honour to race for him at his most successful circuit in his green, yellow and blue colours.

Is Red Bull falling apart?​

Twice in the last two race previews, Adrian Newey has been mentioned in transfer talks. Whilst no new news on where the design genius will go has surfaced, his once beloved Red Bull team seems to be buckling under the pressure of the inter-team conflicts and the more obvious threat, McLaren.


Getty Images / Red Bull Content Pool

Verstappen was beaten on merit in Miami and had a hard-fought battle with Norris again in Imola. All these signs point to this season being anything but a walk in the park for the Dutchman - at least as it stands ahead of the Monaco GP. McLaren sit third in the constructors’ championship behind Red Bull and Ferrari heading into the principality on the weekend.

The headlines have been rather quiet in the buildup to this weekend's Grand Prix, expect to see this piece broaden throughout the weekend.

What can McLaren do to topple the Red Bull dominance? Could Lando take the fight to Verstappen for the third race in a row?

Let us know in the poll, down in the comments or over on X @OverTake_gg who you will be supporting and who you would like to see finish in the top ten and why this weekend!
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frustrated I agree, frontrow NO. Redbull just needs to provide a car that Max can do his thing. I put my money on Leclerc in his home race. The man is actually the fastest of everyone over one lap
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Yeah leclerc was on fire today, but let's see what max can do tomorrow.. also, great to see fernando p3 despite aston martin struggles
As Max said, their issues can't be fixed by setup changes (on street circuits like Monaco) so I would be very surprised to see him on the front row for the race. Race-pace focus and damage limitation weekend I guess. Rain may be helpful.
Hamilton saying narcissistic pouty stuff after being out-qualified again. He's definitely been missing Bottas these last 2 and 1/3 seasons.
Wow qualifying in monaco is mind blowing guys.. and a track where the driver still makes a difference.. great job ferrari and mclaren, max did what he could and i'm sure he would have improved without the mistake on his last lap..
What's also impressive is that with these big and heavy cars, charles was just one tenth slower than the all time track record here at monaco, incredible.
Well, there are penalties but they won't move Verstappen up:

That's a bit of a blow, guess they're lucky they weren't disqualified from the event.
So now we've got to see where the pair can advance to at the finish!
1: with Old rear wing #27=14th and #20=17th
2: with New rear wing (adjusted correctly) #27=11th and #20=13th
My vote ... anyone but Red Bull.

Monaco holds the record for least cars running at the end - in 1966 and 1996 only four cars finished. It is also the only circuit not required to meet the 300km distance. Both say something about its suitability as a modern venue.
My vote ... anyone but Red Bull.

Monaco holds the record for least cars running at the end - in 1966 and 1996 only four cars finished. It is also the only circuit not required to meet the 300km distance. Both say something about its suitability as a modern venue.
I am NOT a fan of these huge Luxo-Yachts they call f1 these days, but going back to the 60's and 90's to show a venue is outdated?
In the last two years, LeClerc has started on the front row several times. Did he ever out-quick the guy next to him?(reaction time)

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