We have already spent a lot of time in Microsoft's new flagship racer and learned quite a few things. So if you are just starting out, the following 7 essential tips and tricks for Forza Motorsport will mostly likely make you smarter, faster and as well save you a lot of time.

Tip #1: Pick Smart, Not Hard​

The first of our 7 essential tips for Forza Motorsport is a crucial one, because it can make your progress in the game a lot easier. Forza gives you a choice on which car to pick for a Builder's Cup series. And this choice makes a world's difference in terms of difficulty! So before you blind pick the one that you think suits you best, better go back to the main menu and have a look at the Power Index (PI) of the different cars.

Usually it is the higher the better. That way you can tell already which car will be the easiest to win with and also which of the bunch will give you the hardest time. Also, you can click/press on "More Details" to see the car's powertrain layout and driving characteristics.

Forza Motorsport - Essential Tips. More Details Screen
Before choosing a car, have a closer look into their actual characteristics by pressing on "More Details".

RWD vs FWD vs AWD​

Rear wheel drive (RWD) cars are generally harder to control but more reactive to inputs. Front wheel drive (FWD) vehicles are quite easy to drive but will have loads of understeer. And all-wheel drive (AWD) cars provide the most traction but can be stubborn in changing directions.

Try Before You Buy​

Another great essential tip is the "Rent" a car feature. So when you are unsure which car to choose, there is also the possibility to test drive. For that, head over to "Race/Free Play", then "Quick Event" and click on "Buy or Rent Cars". Here now you can choose the car you want to test by pressing "Rent" in the middle.

Forza Motorsport - Essential Tips. Rent Cars to Test Them
Renting is a great way of test-driving cars before buying them.
The only real downside to renting a car is that you cannot level it for the future and cannot unlock new car parts. But for testing, this is just ideal!

Tip #2: Skip Laps and Sessions​

Number 2 of our tips for Forza Motorsport will probably please all those who like to play efficiently and do not like to waste time. It is the option to skip laps and even whole sessions. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend using the training sessions to learn the ins and outs of every track and to get accustomed to your car before the race. But after some time the three training laps have become quite a chore. But did you know that you can actually skip the entire Practice Session with one click?

Forza Motorsport - Essential Tips. Skipping Sessions
Skipping the entire Practice Session can save you a lot of time later on.

To do that just press the "Pause" button on track, then press "Exit" and you can "Skip Practice" - neat! One feature you will want to use even more is "Skip Lap". For that, while racing in a multiplayer session, the game gives you the option to participate in the qualy. There, when you mess up a lap, you can press the "Pause" button and then "Skip Lap".

Admittedly, this will end one of your qualy attempts. However, it also starts a new flying lap, thus saving you the time to first finish the spoiled lap. Super useful essential tip, especially as there is no overtime in Forza multiplayer!

Skipping Laps saves time.
Use the "Skip Last" feature to save time in qualy in multiplayer sessions.

Tip #3: Learn Tracks Fast(er)​

In training, you get a segment score every time you complete a set of corners. This pop-up really can help learning the racing line, as it indicates where you can still improve. Aim for a 10/10. If you cannot achieve that, maybe take the corner a little different next time. This feature actually forces you to not just rely on your feel but to think about and correct your line. Because everything else than a 10.0 is not the fastest way through that segment - simple as that!

Forza Motorsport - Essential Tips. Segment Score
Use the Segment Score to optimize your racing line.

Pro Tip "Track Limits"​

But there is one driving aid that can actually make even fully fletched sim racers do better, the Track Limit Indicator. You can find it under "Settings/Driving Assists/Track Limits". This feature is another great tip, for it shows where the actual track limits are and where you can still cut corners. Your job is to keep two wheels within the shown lines at all times. So having the track limits activated while learning a track can really help you understand where you can cut a little bit and shape off valuable lap time.

Forza Motorsport - Essential Tips. Track Limits
Having the track limits activated while learning a track helps you understand where you can cut a little bit and shape off valuable lap time.

Tip #4: Strategy Wins​

The next essential tip to get better in Forza Motorsport concerns strategy. The right strategy is key to winning races, no matter if it is in career (singleplayer) mode or multiplayer. Less fuel makes the car accelerate better. And the difference between old hard and fresh soft tires in grip and eventually lap time is huge.

Career Mode​

In career mode, races are always only a couple of laps long. Which is why we should always lower the fuel load and opt for the softest tire compound available. The "Telemetry Estimates" in the Tires & Fuel submenu tells you how many laps your fuel will last, so you cannot really do anything wrong here.

Use Telemetry Estimates for the right amount of fuel needed
Among others, "Telemetry Estimates" also tells you how many laps your fuel will last.


In multiplayer, things get a bit more difficult. First, we have to distinguish between qualy and race. For qualy, the known principles apply; opt for softs and four laps of fuel. For the race, start with the easy part and also first choose enough fuel. But now for the second, tricky part, the tire compounds. This is where the real strategy battle begins!

Multiplayer Races: The right Tire Strategy is key.
In multiplayer, the race length (short, medium, long) determines your tire strategy.

Your strategy depends on the race type. In the multiplayer menu you can see the race length (short, medium, long). This determines your tire strategy. In short races one set of mediums is enough to finish the race. This will give you decent traction until the end, and the mediums will only fall off a little at the end of the last lap. One set of softs or even changing from softs to softs will instead cost you too much time.

Medium And Long Races​

In medium races this is different. We have tested so many different strategies - from mediums to mediums, softs to softs to softs, mediums to softs, hards only, hards to softs ... And you know what, all of them work! In our opinion there is not only one perfect strategy. Instead, our essential tip is that it really depends on your driving style and what you are looking for.

Multiplayer Race Tire Strategy - Medium Race Length
The right tire choice also depends on your driving style and what you are looking for.
Triple softs is the most fun because you are always pushing to the limit and will have the most amount of grip at all times. But it will need you to overtake quite a lot, which can be challenging. Hards only will give you lots of free air to drive at your own pace when everyone is heading into the pits. But the last two to three laps are going to be such a pain. No more grip, and you will most likely lose several positions.

Mediums to mediums is a safe bet; decent pace, little drop-off. Hards to softs or mediums to softs are both also totally possible. Softs on the final laps can become a game changer, making you and gain positions while everyone else is struggling for grip. So choose wisely.

Tip #5: Start Like A Pro​

In Forza, at the start of a race, the game will automatically put in first gear. Hence, a jump start is not possible. You just wait until the clock counts down and then you start driving. The best way of launching any car from the line is with as little wheel spin as possible. We therefore recommend traction control on "Sport" mode. We also found some success hitting the accelerator when you see the number 1 on screen. But without any TC, it is all about throttle control, so do not overdo it.

Forza Motorsport - Essential Tips. Optimal Race Start
With traction control on "Sport", hitting the throttle at "1" can give you the perfect start.

Tip #6: Upgrade Quickly​

Though essentially fun and actually a core element of the game, upgrading and tuning car parts in the career mode can be lengthy process. Did you know that you can actually skip the whole element of finding the right car parts? By pressing "Quick Upgrade" the game will just automatically install the best parts available for you - which in 99% of the time is sufficient.

Forza Motorsport. Quick Upgrade
"Quick Upgrade" works in 99 % of the time, as the game picks the best available upgrades for you automatically.

The only update you always should have an eye on are the car tire compounds. Especially in the Builders Cup, a set of race tires (i.e. slicks) can make such a big difference! Usually, you unlock the race tires at level 12. So when you reach that point, have an eye out for that.

Tip #7: Learn To Set Up Your Car​

Our final essential tip is to learn how to do car setups in Forza. Because the default setups in this game are often a joke, sadly. They make stable driving almost impossible.

We know that having a look at the tuning menu alone can trigger some anxiety in the hearts of newcomers. But learning the ins and outs of vehicle setups is worth it. And to make this as easy as possible for you guys we created a "Forza Setup Bible". Watch the video linked below or check our Forza Motorsport Tuning Guide to learn what every slider in the tuning menu does and how to set up your car for maximum performance.

Watch our in-depth Tuning Guide for Forza Motorsport to learn how to set up your car.

More Tips And Info On Forza Motorsport​

Our 7 essential tips for Forza Motorsport are only the cherry on the cake. There is a lot more to explore and find out, and we are there to help you with the following contents.

How do you like this guide? Have you found and want to share some of your own tips for Forza? Tell us on X (Twitter) at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!