All the Racing Games on Xbox Game Pass right now

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For those of you who don’t know what Xbox Game Pass is - Game Pass is a library of over 100 games on Xbox and PC.

Think of it as Microsoft’s version of Netflix, but for gamers. Instead of streaming games, players need to download the games to play them. This does not mean that players own the games, if Game Pass expires access players will lose access to all games. Additionally, if a downloaded game drops off the Game pass library, the game will no longer be available to play on the player's console/PC.

Game Pass subscribers also have the opportunity to download new games released by Xbox Game Studios on day of release - Forza, Halo, Gears of War etc.

There are three tiers to Game Pass​

  • Console - 100 plus games on Xbox
  • PC - 100 plus games on PC and EA Play
  • Ultimate - 100 plus games on console, PC, and mobile devices, EA Play and Xbox Live Gold
There’s a whole host of racing games available to play on both Xbox, PC, and mobile devices. Are you impressed with the list of games below? Are you a Xbox Game Pass Subscriber? What games would you like to see come to Game Pass?

Our Top Picks​

  • Forza Horizon 4 - not the latest version of the Horizon series, but has less bugs and is a more stable experience for players. Forza Horizon 4 is a more challenging title to progress vs the latest addition to the franchise. Sadly in FH5, players are rewarded for taking part in events and can quickly unlock some of the fastest cars in the game with little to no effort.
  • Art of Rally - this is a fairly simple game to look at, but it's incredibly rewarding to play. Art of Rally celebrates the golden years of rally, across 60 stages from Finland to Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany. There's over 50 iconic rally cars, ranging from 60's to the 80's, Group B, Group 5, and Group A
  • DiRT Rally - can you believe that this game is 7 years old??? DiRT Rally came out in 2015. This game took a break from the numbered franchise and was made with the sole purpose to provide the most authentic representation of real-life off-road racing. DiRT Rally is still one of the best games in the DiRT franchise.

Games on Console​

Games on PC​

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MS is raging war against the PC and wants every PC gamer on their xbox

Wüt? MS is raging war against PC users more with their MS account login crap on Win11 etc..

They don't care about PC or Console for gamers, they want everybody to buy everything through their store/subscription. That's just a war against al competitive platforms, be it on their own OS, own brick or else.
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Hm, I respect you opinion but IMHO Forza Horizon 5 is a lot better game overall. The map is so much better and with the latest patches, progress is actually a lot slower than in FH4.

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