Anniversary Credits: iRacing Gifts Members up to 15$

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On August 26th, iRacing turns 15 years old. The service is celebrating its anniversary with weekly series of events - but that is not all: All active members will receive a small "thank you" in the form of iRacing credits!

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While 15 sim racers who participated in all of the anniversary series will be picked to receive 1000 iRacing credits, all memberships that are active as of August 26th will have a nice, small present by iRacing: Depending on when they first joined the service, they are going to receive up to 15$ in iRacing credits "as a thank you to our fantastic members", as Associate Producer Greg West states in a forum post.

The amount of credits is determined by the length of a membership: Each full year that has passed since an iRacing membership first started is worth 1$, which is also the minimum for any active members - "even if you created you account on August 25th of this year", West explains. Conversely, the maximum amount is 15$ for those who joined in 2008.

Memberships do not have to be continuous, meaning that if you first signed up with iRacing in June 2010, then took a long break and only got back into the sim in 2022, for example, you will still receive 13$ worth of iRacing credits. Should you have an old account floating around, it might be worth dusting off ahead of August 26th. Steam memberships are also included in the giveaway.

Your Thoughts​

When did you first sign up for iRacing? What is your opinion on the anniversary credit giveaway? And what are you going to spend your credits on? Let us know in the comments below!
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I never had a problem with the cost of iRacing, but that $1 per year feels like it might be badly reading the room. It's such a paltry sum and I cannot but feel it would have been better to pool the $1 into more $1,000 prizes....

Yup. It's a good business move. Lets say you get $6. That cannot be used for anything in itself. So gotta spend a bit to buy something.

I considered rejoining for this. But it is $13 for a month, and I will get... $13...
For a second though that it would go to everyone... oh well. Still nice, especially for veteran members. They will be able to take a track.

Wait. Did prices in iR ever changed ? If they didn't then they are theoretically cheaper now, cus of inflation and all that crap in the world. So maybe it is finally worth to become an iRacer ? Their develpment curve is also pretty damn great.
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They made an effort ... 1$ for each year, considering how much they charge they are laughing ... A nice scheme to attract even more people, with that revenue they make up for this ridiculous giveaway. Classic American-style marketing.
Well wooptyf*ckingdoo, it would be really nice if they just gave everyone 15 bucks worth of credits, they made enough money over the last 15 years
oh, nice, 12 or 13 dollars, will use it to get one of the new tracks next build, coming out of the blue, this is nice.
its so funny to see people with 1 year membership complain and people starting the subscription 2008 not complaining, so laughable, its like people expect everything for free when they were playing assetto corsa all this time. I started 2012 and I obvioulsy don't complain, but I would be happy to get discount on new content anyway since prices has been the same if not lower until this day??
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I have payed them enough for content i can't use without a subscription. They won't be getting another cent and i don't want theirs. They have a disgusting predatory payment model.
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I'll take the $15 as a member since late 2007, nice gesture. Early access members got all content as of the public release in 2008 for free as well as a bunch of iRacing credits at the time. iRacing certainly isn't cheap but they've treated me pretty well throughout the years and it's still my favorite sim so I definitely can't complain about this.
Do people who get 15$ now realize they spend more then 1500$ on a subscription the last 15 years? hilarious
I doubt many of the long time users actually paid full price,

I never spent nearly that much on the subscription as I always renewed on the black Friday sale....which use to be 50% off but now only 25%.
They also use to offer $2 for $1 iRacing credits.

If you read the article properly, you would have read the following..... hilarious ;)

"Memberships do not have to be continuous, meaning that if you first signed up with iRacing in June 2010, then took a long break and only got back into the sim in 2022, for example, you will still receive 13$ worth of iRacing credits."

Anyways, I'll take what ever credits they wanna give me and combine that with my race participation credits and put them towards renewing again this Nov.
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